Chronicles of Itunu Season 2 (Secrets and Triangles) 3

” Excuse me, ma! It is the female patient from surgery yesterday.  She just relapsed .”

Itunu and Sam exchanged glances.

“What? Is it Gloria? ” Itunu asked. 

“Yes.” The doctor replied. 

” You Rest.” The doctor said to Itunu as she hurried of the room and the nurses followed her. ” 

Samuel hit his hand on his face and said ” The f*ck is going on here!!! ” as he ran his hand through his hair and got up from the chair. 

“You stay the here or else I swear…  Just don’t get up from that bed. ” he said to Itunu and left the room. 

Itunu knew he meant it, she didn’t move. 

She closed her eyes and kept saying “Jesus please. Jesus please. Save her… “

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………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………. ………. 


A nurse came into the room and injected something through  Itunu’s tube, whatever it was; she slept off and when she woke up, she felt like she had slept for a long time and she was right. The room looked dark and the clock on the wall said the time was 6pm. 

You have sleeping for quite a while. ” A voice said as she stirred in her bed. 

She opened her eyes and she saw a figure who looked like Samuel facing the door. He had changed into a black shirt and trousers.; but the voice she heard was that of a female staring right at her from a distance.  She could not quite figure the face, but as a she stepped closer, she saw that it was  Chioma, Samuel’s ex girlfriend. 

She was wearing an all black gown with a scarf wrapped around  her head. She was about to ask her what she  was doing in her hospital room when she said to her: “You need to get ready… It’s just something small, nothing elaborate. ” 

Itunu was confused and Samuel was still backing her, his head bent. 

“What? ”  Itunu muttered.  She was still trying to figure out what Chioma was doing here. 

“What is what? ” Chioma said, almost snapping at her. She continued speaking to Itunu… “I brought two outfits for you to chose from. It’s a quick one. The hospital has a very beautiful place they use. It would be a short one. She was young, so no drama or food.. ” She said with her face confused as though she was almost angry that Itunu was confused. 

Itunu looked at the door and said to Samuel ” Samuel, what is she talking about? “

Chioma snapped this time. “What else do you think I am talking about? Gloria’s burial ofcourse ! The least you could do is show up, since you were the one that killed her because of food. “

Itunu sat up and said ” Samuel, Is this true? What rubbish is she saying to me ? Gloria cannot be dead. I did not kill her. Gloria is not dead.   ” she said, her voice shaky and panicky. 

Samuel was still facing back.  He did not respond… “Can’t you see he is wearing black? Get up, joor.” Chioma said and grabbed Itunu’s braids, pulling her down from the bed and dragging her on the floor towards the door.  

Itunu started shouting ” No!  No!  No!  No! ” as Chioma dragged her out.

 She struggled to get away and tried running back to the bed when Samuel  turned back, only to see that it was Adewale, the Yoruba demon she had met yesterday and he had handcuffs to bind her. 

“You killed your friend and now you must suffer for it” He said to her, sounding nothing like he did yesterday, but like a thousand people speaking at once.  He really did look like a demon as he dragged her away from the feet of the bed. 

Itunu was scared and confused, so she began to scream as loudly as she could,maybe somebody else in the hospital would hear them.  “Jesus! Jesus! Leave  me alone! Blood of Jesus!  No!” She said. 

She started to feel her body shake all over. What was happening? She wondered to herself. She heard  someone shout her name repeatedly.  “Itunu! Itunu! Itunu!  “

She pulled herself away from Adewale with all the force she could muster, causing her head to hit the stand beside the bed  and that was when she woke up! 


                  …………………………………….            ……………………………………… 

Itunu was still  shouting  “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! ” when her eyes opened to see that  Samuel had been the one shaking her. He looked concerned as always.  

” Hey. Hey. Hey. Itunuoluwa, it was only a dream. ” Samuel said as she hugged him tight.  She was sweating all over. “You were dreaming, it was just a dream, babe. ” he was almost laughing. 

Itunu began to explain ” Oh, Samuel! It was the worst dream ever.  I saw were just so silent…  ”

” Me? you saw me? ” Samuel asked placing a hand on his chest. 

“no… actually It was not really you.. ” she said amidst pants… 

” and… and..  and there was Chioma. oh God! She told me the most terrible things that Gloria… Oh! Thank you, Jesus. It felt so real.  Such a sad dream. “

“Hey,Hey, Itunuoluwa.. Chioma is not here. She is not here and was never here. It was just a dream and it’s over now.  It’s all fine.. ” Samuel said as Itunu nodded in agreement.  

“You can tell me all about the dream later. The nurse was here and he said you should freshen up. You need to have your bath soon.  ” Samuel said looking at her. 

“I hate hospital toilets.. They give me the creeps. They smell like disinfectant and that is even the clean toilets.  Some smell like urine, others blood and you can actually see the blood… ” 

Samuel started laughing hard. He wondered the kind of hospitals Itunu had been to.  He wanted to tell Itunu that this was a private hospital and  it has suites where sick people could be treated and live in cases where constant supervision was required. 

He wanted to tell her how much every night cost and tell her there was a very beautiful bathroom  available for her use in the room, but figured that he would let her find out that her room had been changed while she was asleep.

He just looked at her and smiled. 

He started laughing. 

“What? Why are you laughing? ” Itunu asked. 

“Nothing.. I just remembered something. ” he said making Itunu wonder what was so funny. He did not tell her it was because she had been talking in her sleep and calling his name.. 

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