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              Itunu took slow but steady steps outside Sam’s gate and walked, hoping to find a bike immediately she got out. Her slim frame might not be able to take any more toture today, so She had to leave.She would not know if Gloria was calling her, she would not hear her above the sound of the earsplitting music. 

Luckily for her, there was a bike outside the estate gate.  She waved at him to come and told him where she was going. “You get change?” he asked her. “..because me as I dey so I just dey come out. I no get kobo for hand.”

 She was too weak to argue, so she said “I suppose get, wait make I check” and surfed through her bag for her purse.

 Her phone was ringing. It was Gloria and she had appeared down the road of the estate. She held her phone in one hand and continued searching for her purse. It was nowhere to be found. 

“No vex o.” She told the bikeman and continued searching. She seemed to have lost the ability to find anything she needed. 

No food, no money. 

“Itunu wait, now!” she heard Gloria say and run up to her, but Itunu was determined to ignore her, find her purse and leave the vicinity. It was then Itunu remembered that the last place she saw the purse was at the cafeteria. 

Of all the days for this to happen, Itunu wondered to herself why it was today of all days. She turned around to see Gloria behind her with a sad face. “Don’t leave yet now, IT.”  She said in a drawl with emphasis on the last words. She then added that “We would leave soon and I could get you something to eat before then.”

The day was going terrible for Itunu, but it seemed like she had run out of options and even if she had any options, leaving was not one. “It is not like I have a choice in this matter, Gloria. I am not with my purse. I have to leave with you when you leave…please let us leave soon…” Itunu said then apologized to the bikeman, who eagerly sped off. “I said I would get you food, now. Cheer up, joor. I would ask Sam where the food is. Don’t worry. Let’s go.”  Gloria said.

“ Food? ” Itunu asked with a frown. “Where? In Sam’s house? There is no food in that house, joor. Eyan o de kuku gbo idaji nko ti iyen ma n so ni ti e. It is Oih-ti oih-ti, that he would be shouting about. ” Itunu said, mimicking Sam’s accent and incoherence.” 

Gloria was laughing hard like she was at a comedy show. “Okay. Okay. Fine. I’d place an order for food for you if there is no food or go buy it myself. Let us go back inside first.” Gloria managed to say and it was then that Itunu grudgingly agreed and started walking back with Gloria to the house. They had barely moved far from the gate when a black jeep drove into the estate. It was a silent mover, those cars whose engines barely hum and whistle when they move. It looked brand new, but brand new cars were not uncommon in this area, especially within this estate. This was a Mercedes jeep. It was beautifully rare.

They both turned to look at the car properly and were admiring it. As the car got near them, it slowed down, pausing when it got right beside them. The glass went down and a face came out. It was a light skinned guy who looked like he was in his early twenties. 

“Let’s go!” Gloria said. 

One thing Gloria detested very much, was stupid boys in fine cars acting harebrained and jumping on anything female, expecting them to swoon at the sight of a car. The fact that Gloria had a car saved her some of this manifestation of idiocy near her, but she was walking today and She had to experience  this. 

 She started walking away dragging Itunu along with her. 

She was not in the mood for some mummy boys driving their father’s cars about. “What is wrong with you, now?” Itunu said in a low tone, trying to grasp why Gloria was doing this, but still walked with her. Gloria was from a wealthy home, so money did not impress her. Gloria was in her final year now, Itunu was in her penultimate year. 
Gloria had been deliberately single throughout her stay in the university and all the time Itunu had known her. She was very beautiful with a great body. She was voted “Hourglass” every year in her class. Gloria’s body was a head turner, but most of the time, she wore casual jeans and tops, so the focus would not be about her body, but she usually failed woefully like right now.

 Her slim waist, full bust, hips and butt did not disappear easily. The crop top and high waist stone washed jeans just helped in highlighting everything she sought to hide, but would not admit she was hiding. Gloria also had a sense of humor that was rare and refreshing. In Itunu’s opinion, she was looking for Mr. Perfect and there was no one like that. 

Itunu on the other hand was slim. She was taller than the average girl nearing six feet. She was caramel skinned with long legs and naturally long hair. She had the body of a model, but not the food starved types. She was not overly blessed above the waist, not as much as Gloria,but she did just fine. At least no one had ever complained. She was a late bloomer in secondary school, but when she bloomed, it was beautiful.  She caught up with her friends and surpassed them physically, but not excessively.

She definitely had a tiny waist and beautifully rounded hips that gave her the pear look even with her height. She had been approached by different modeling agencies, but did not want to go into full fledged modeling, so she did it on the side. Unlike Gloria, she did not try to hide anything. She showed it all off.

 The red gown she had selected did just that and accentuated everything she seemed not to have. She liked the fact that she was dark skinned, she was receiving more attention than the average girl did. Gloria was light-skinned, but gushed about the niceness and smoothness of Itunu’s skin. Maintenance according to Gloria was harder for her than it was for Itunu. Being fair according to her came with its responsibilities.
 The car caught up with them and stopped right in front of them again. In her heart, she blessed them for their persistence and this time, Itunu made Gloria stop by holding her hand. “What is wrong with you?” Itunu asked under her breath. “Just wait” Itunu said, as the glass of the car went down again. “We do not bite, you know.” The guy who was in the driver’s seat said looking at Gloria. 

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