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Happy Mother’s Day!! 

Today is mothers day!!  Today is for all mothers (married, single, divorced, widowed)... As long as you are a mother. I celebrate you!  So,  I stumbled on a post on footballcentre24 and it talks about five famous footballers who are... Continue Reading →


Don't worry this post is not about "Angels and Demons" per se. You should be able to guess from the title, what the post is about if you have been following blog posts in line with the current blog theme... Continue Reading →


In case you missed part 1, where I candidly explained what you should NOT do after a break up or death of a partner. I mentioned four things in part one... So let's be candid, Here are some more things... Continue Reading →

LET’S BE CANDID !  It Is Not That Deep. 

I am tired of hearing of love stories gone wrong.  If you know anything  from my previous posts.  You would know that I am not a fan of dying for love... Die  for romantic love, kwa? Read the Definition of deep.  My... Continue Reading →

Seek Me – KITARA 

KITARA : "SEEK ME " I will not speak of your lips that taste like honey Or the melody of your laugh that makes me smile. Or the look in your eyes when you want me Or the restraint you... Continue Reading →

What is the “REAL” value of your heart? 

"It is easy to talk while riding from a high horse about the laziness of those walking on the ground." -  Kitara Most people like to believe they are principled and strong. It is natural to think that your beliefs are... Continue Reading →


GOD'S GIFT TO ME - King Jesudunmo Longe GOD'S  GIFT TO ME -  BIMIDIAH You, You are the dark in my night The crazy in my insanity The weed to my high The hard to my roughness The shy in... Continue Reading →

The love I want – Bimidiah

I have been told that love is a beautiful thing! I have been told that lust is a different thing entirely! Yeah-I kinda agree- I guess  In psychology class, I learnt of passionate and compassionate love and how over time, love becomes... Continue Reading →

Fashion/Style Post : How to wear your SDD. 

This is a fashion post.  Actually not really..... It is just me showing off my fine dress... lol... and talking about how you can show off yours... lol... Actually, that is what a fashion post about... showing off - style...... Continue Reading →

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