CHRONICLES OF ITUNU, SEASON 2 (Secrets and Triangles ) EPISODE 1

Itunu got up or she tried to, upon hearing Sam’s voice… but the next thing she knew, she could not as  the whole place started spinning round….

She dropped back to the ground beside her..

“We need to take her to the hospital ” she said weakly

Time was running out.

What was wrong with her?

She was hearing voices in the background calling out her name.

She tried to get up and stand, but she could not. Her head was spinning.

She could not talk. She was too dizzy.

She struggled to get up and stood on her feet as the boys lifted Gloria and carried her to the car. Itunu tried to walk and follow them,  but felt like she was about to fall back to the ground

Sam ran to her and held her before she could fall.

“Happy Birthday, Sam.” she managed to whisper.

 The shock on Sam’s face was the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes and passed out.

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Itunu’s eyes fluttered open to bright light. She still felt very awkward and sleepy, so she decided that she would just close her eyes and sleep some more.

 She was tired and wanted some more sleep, so she closed her eyes shut and tried to sneak in some more sleep, but it was not working. She kept them tight shut still hoping sleep would come. She turned uneasily. She was restless. It was not working, so she gave up.

She opened her eyes again, but her eyes were finding it hard to adjust to the light…She tried to move her hand and it hurt. She opened her eyes to see the source of the pain. It was a drip attached to her hand.

“Wait what?” Her mind tried to catch up with what was going on.

What was she doing in a hospital? She turned her head to see an empty plastic chair in the room. Her bag was placed on a table not so far from her. The door was left ajar. There was nobody for her to ask questions. 

What was she doing here? Wait. What was she even wearing? This was definitely not her dress. She tried to gather her thoughts together, but her mind was not catching up fast enough. She tried to sit up as slowly as possible without tampering with the drip attached to her hand. 

“Hey. Hey. Hey. Easy. Easy.” She heard someone say. She turned to the door to see who it was. 

It was Sam.

“Careful.”  He said as he walked into the room. He came close to her bedside and helped her sit up. 

“Thank you.” She said as he adjusted her pillow for her to rest her back. He remained standing. He had worry written across his face.  He looked like shit. He was an evident combination of stress, anxiety, worry and weariness. She had never seen him like this. He looked like he had not gotten any sleep at all.

“How do you feel, Itunuoluwa?” He asked her. 

She raised her brows at him. “Itunuoluwa ? Really, Sam? That is a first. What happened to I.T?’’ She smiled and said “I am fine, Sam. Thank you for the care.”

“Are you sure?” He asked? 

“The doctor should be here in a bit to check you.” he said. 

 She could hear him perfectly. His accent was less obvious and his words were coming out slower, each one laced with visible care.

“I am fine, Sam” She said, dismissing him with the wave of her hand. “But wait o. What happened?” She asked. “Where is everybody?”

He looked up at her, startled. “You don’t remember anything, Itunu? You passed out at the party. The doctor said you had an adverse reaction to the excess alcohol in your system. The doctor said the possibility of you not remembering most of what happened yesterday was possible.” 

“Alcohol in my system?” Itunu said looking confused. 

“I only had this thing… err … punch…” She started to say, but her words fell off when she remembered. 

Her expression changed from confusion to stark clarity. She put on a dramatic look and said “Jesus. I remember! The punch was spiked and it was… wait no…. ” she raised up her hand and said. 

”  Actually no. It was not spiked. According to the stupid, idiot, that was standing beside the bowl of monstrosity, who I really suspect was responsible for the poison you called “punch”. He said and I quote: “The drink is not spiked. You only say something is spiked when people do not know it contains alcohol. The blackcurrant is just flavoring. Everything else is alcohol.” 

“Like really!!!” She said, raising her hand up and hitting her head slightly. ” I am on a hospital bed because of the drink mix. Who says something like that? No! Who actually ever says something like ‘Blackcurrant is just the flavour’. He almost killed me! The guy is an idiot. An absolute buffalo head.”

“He almost killed me.” Sam said.

Itunu laughed and said “Yimu.” Shooting her lips forward and wrinkling her nose. “Mr. Foreigner. I have been meaning to ask, Who on the planet does a birthday without food? Who? ”

Samuel smiled for the first time since yesterday evening and said “ It wasn’t like that though. It actually wasn’t.” I really did cover for everything the party needed to be dope.” 

“What now happened? You just broke my heart. I almost starved to death.If not I would not have carried the punch in the first, place.  What happened exactly ? ” Itunu asked, genuinely seeking to know.

“The caterers had issues bringing the food to the house cus their car kinda broke down on the way, so after they had tried to fix it to no avail.  I was called. That was when the guys and I went to pick it up.” Samuel said. “I am not evil.”He said smiling and sat down.

“No. You are not mean. Chioma, your ex girlfriend is mean. She sort of complicated my predicament. It was when you told me that she was the one that brought the drinks in the coolers and warmers that I figured she had played me. She knew I was looking for food, yet,  she directed me to the room she knew was full of drinks.”

“I am so sorry. She was playing the prank on everybody.  By then, she most probably did not know that you were The Itunu. I am so sorry about everything. It must have been awkward for you. Most people were not complaining because they were drinking. I am really sorry. ”

“It’s fine. I know you are not mean. At least, you gave me pizza.” She chuckled. “ You just stressed me. I was hungry before I came and that was why Gloria… had to go buy food … for me” Itunu said barely managing to finish her sentence because at the mention of Gloria’s name, the smile on Samuel’s face disappeared. 

Itunu noticed and was wondering what the matter was till she remembered what happened to Gloria. 

“Oh my God. ” she said as blood drained off her face like she had seen a ghost. 

“Where is Gloria, Sam? ” She asked her voice shaky and tired.  


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