CHRONICLES OF ITUNU – The Birthday Party 1 .

   Itunu climbed down the flight of stairs to the ground floor of her hostel. She was still wearing her night gown from last night and she looked like she had just rolled out of bed, but that was not the case as she had been awake since the crack of dawn and had begun washing clothes that she had been piling up since a fortnight ago. She liked washing when the washing area was not crowded, she could think and breathe properly and spread her clothes before the line got crowded with clothes. That was why she got up early to wash whenever she decided to.  It was already eleven o’ clock by the time she was done washing and spreading. She was hungry, tired, and sleepy. She needed to get some good food and she had come downstairs to do just that. She would have changed into something more decent, but after dumping her buckets behind her room door all she had the energy to do was eat. Walking from her room on the third floor to the ground floor of her block, where the cafeteria was situate, seemed like  a daunting task, but she was willing to pay the price, so she picked her  purse where it lay on the floor of her room  and then ran downstairs. 
Wrapping the absolute flimsiness of her nightwear with a simple arm fold, she walked into the cafeteria hoping no male was around, when she had scanned the room and sure of the absolute gender unity, she switched up her pace to the counter where she was going to place her order. There was no one there. She rolled her eyes furtively and surreptitiously peeped into the kitchen to see what was going on, letting go of her dress to support her balance and steady herself as she placed her hand on the counter top and stood on her toes. That was when one of the servers walked in, with a bowl of eggs in his hands. She quickly readjusted her positioning, but maintained a havoc wrecking frown on her face.  “Good morning.” he said bringing in left over smiles from a conversation he was having in the kitchen and that further irritated her. “Good morning.” she replied, wondering why customer service here was so poor.  she looked at him as he placed the eggs into the white plastic container on the table… she could not help herself, so she drew out some words of displeasure from her well of feelings “Shey, you people want to lose customers, ni ??? This is not how to treat people o. Early in the morning nobody to attend to customers, people might have come and gone just like that….Ha ” She was saying when she noticed the man was not looking at her as he should but at her plump cleavage and full breasts which the morning air had made traceable in the sheer material… ” Excuse me!!! Abi were le leyii?” she said in her local dialect, questioning his sanity; patting her hands together in low sounding claps before making  a poor attempt at covering herself  up then folding her arms.

“Yes….yes what is it? I am listening to you.”  The young man replied in a lazy drawl with a smirk on his face that she could slap off. What was a pervert like this doing in her hostel? She wondered why male attendees were allowed in female hostels. It was her fault she wore this out anyways. Restraining herself from complaining, she asked “what do you have? “Rice’’ he replied. “Okay. Can I have Rice of …” she had begun placing her order, when the server cut her words short by saying “Food is not ready”. Itunu was incensed at this point, but was not about to start a scene. She really was trying to understand this man, she needed some closure of some sort, so she asked “but, wait o… I thought you said you had rice just now?” “Ehn, we have, but it is still on fire” He replied. The time was thirty-five minutes past eleven now. Enough time had been wasted puckering with this clown. In a low tone, she asked “so how is rice on fire going to benefit me in this moment?” she said, tapping her forehead with her fingers. Not interested in a waiting for an answer she walked out of the cafeteria, away from the mirage of satisfaction that the coke advert stapled to the wall had painted. Her hunger temporally stalled with her consumption of blatant idiocy, she walked back to her room through the flight of stairs. She had passed by the snack shop and saw it was still closed. Very unusual, they were usually very punctual. 

She got to her room and dropped on the bed, desiring to be swallowed beneath the layers of bed sheets and covers. Her roommate, Gloria was in a towel and about going to bathe when Itunu came inside the room looking like she was flogged in. Gloria dropped her bucket containing her sponge case and asked with her brush in her mouth. “Babe, what’s up? You look like you were carrying load in your dreams.” Itunu sat up on the springy creaking iron bunk bed “I went to wash o.”  She said “I have suffered today o… Story yen gun… the story is too long. Woo… You, go and bathe… I still need to sleep nitemi” she said and immediately closed her eyes to invite sleep. Gloria laughed “You and your drama, Itunu. I would have slept, but I have somewhere to be. Sleep well” she said and left for the bathroom.

Continued in next post – Chronicles Of ITUNU (Birthday Party 2)


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  1. I absolutely love it! Can’t wait for the next post…


    1. Thank you. Do broadcast..


  2. Zeeko caasi says:

    Awesome story,my sub oo nt yet done dont finish oo!part two itunu”s story on my head

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