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She did not have the strenght or power to be nice enough to call Sam and tell him bye. She rushed out while dialing Gloria’s line. She still did not pick up. She got to the gate and used her pizza energy to walk to the estate gate. 

Worst case scenario, she would pick a bike and go to the hostel, ask the bikeman to wait. She would then borrow money from anyone she found on her hostel  floor that she could borrow from and return it to them or if God wanted to bless her, she would check cafeteria and find her purse and pay the bike man and give him some extra for waiting.She had it all figured out in her head.  

She got to the estate gate and no bike man was there.  She stood outside the gate.  She waited for a while. She heard bike sounds, she moved foward, ready to stop him and jump on the bike, but he was carrying someone. As the bike passed, she signalled to him to come back to pick her and he  nodded. 

If Itunu would come now or she could still get another bike, she would leave.  As she stood there waiting, dark clouds started forming in the sky.She just wanted to get to her hostel. She looked up and a drop of rain fell on her face.Right on her forehead.

 It started with a light drizzle once again. She smiled. Laughing would make her look mad. What was funny about the rain?  Nothing. As long as it did not actually  start raining, it was bearable. She needed to go get her clothes off the line. She would wait. 

Luckily for her, the bikeman she told to come back returned and stopped in front of her. She hopped on the bike without asking.  He turned the ignition of the motorcycle,  but instead of jeering up  and moving, it did not start. He tried to step on the pedal and move the bike. He asked her to get down.  She did and prayed that the bike would start this time.But it did not start. “Aunty, abeg no vex. ” He  said as he opened the fuel tank and shook the bike. He look confused.

She stood there looking at him.He got down from the bike. Got a spanner and started twisting things she hoped would work. It started raining officially. He gave her a nylon to cover her hair and continued working on the motorcycle. Her pizza power or strenght was leaving her. If there was any to start with. 

“I don do am. Please no vex.” He said and tried to start it again.This time, the sound was worse than the first time. Her hair was getting soaked.She was grateful she had braids on. The nylon was useless. It had sufficient holes to be called a sieve. 

She imagined how ridiculous she looked holding the nylon over her hair. She had suffered today ehn. She would cry, but no one would notice. It would simply blend with the rain drops on her face.  Her shoes were getting wet. The rain was getting to her dress. Where was Gloria in all this?


She took off the nylon from her head and was about to give up and go back in,  when suddenly  the bike started working. “Since morning.” she said and climbed the bike. “Aunty no vex. ” 

It was still raining all over her. “I no vex, Oga. Move.” Itunu replied.  

He did not move. She was wondering what was going on “Where we dey go o, aunty ? You no talk where you want make I carry you  go. “

“Sorry. ” She said,  She remembered that she had forgotten to tell him.  She quickly described her hostel to the man. He still did not move.

Na Wetin now. I dey rush. “She asked, wondering  why he did not move still. 

“Aunty, you no go vex o. ” He began, stammering . Was it the cold,that made his lips quiver and his voice shake. . She waited for him to land. “God go bless you o.  ” He began saying

Why all this prayer now? What was the problem? She waited for him to talk. 

“Amen.” She said. 

“Make you no vex, ” He continued…  “but I no dey go that side.” 

She was not sure If she heard him right. 

“You said what? ” Itunu asked in  English. 

“Madam you no go vex.I no det go that side.  ” He repeated. 

“I’m  sorry. ” Itunu said laughing… 

” I did not quite catch what you just said. ” She tapped him as she wiped some water off her face. 

” I no sabi sey na dat side. I for don tell you sey.I no fit go that side.  ” 

 Itunu was quiet as quiet could be as her mouth hung agape while she remained sitting on the bike.  

What was going on? Somebody shoot her… 


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