Chronicles Of Itunu – The Birthday Party 3

      IN CASE YOU MISSED the previous episode of  Chronicles Of Itunu – Please click the  Birthday Party 2

“I.T ! ” Sam shouted, getting up from the couch  and motioning for them to come. To her, that was not her nickname. It sounded more like Wyclef Jean’s repeated pronunciation of Haiti at the end of the “we are the world” song.  His accent though. He walked up to them and dragged her close to him, “I’m so glad you guys are here, I never thought you’d be able to make it”. He said, smiling at Itunu, who managed to force a smile unto her face and said “Happy birthday Sam!” He looked like he was high on whatever he had been smoking, but she was not sure. She looked at her watch and it was just a few minutes to three and she wondered why they were behaving like it was late in the night. “Are your trunks in your bag? You should change.” he asked, facing them. “What Trunks?” Itunu asked facing Gloria who arched her brows and shoulders sending Itunu the message that she was lost too. “Your Swimming trunks or didn’t you know it was a pool party?” Sam said as he let go of her and walked to the veranda through which one could gain access to the pool. Upon getting to the pool,they found a reasonable number of people there. It explained the dressing of the people they had met upon entering the house.

“Happy birthday, Sam” some three voluptuous girls walking at the other end of the pool, whose weaves looked like they were ripped off  protein consuming Indians, called out to him amidst chuckles. “Excuse me.” Sam said, leaving Itunu’s side to go and meet them. They felt like women in purdah, standing in the glory of all the nudity in the environment. Everybody seemed to be holding a bottle of wine, beer or glass of something else. “Let me go get us something.” Gloria said. “Finally! Let me come with you.” Itunu said, overtaking Gloria and getting back into the house. She felt like she was on a fast as her stomach started to grumble in loud noises that even the loud music playing outside could not overshadow when they got inside… “Where is the food?” she wondered and asked Gloria who had helped herself to a glass of wine and bottle that looked really expensive, but she could not be bothered. She asked around for directions to the kitchen and when she got there, she met some more wine. It was alcohol everywhere and she was not a drinker. Her reaction to alcohol was  not pleasant so she could not afford a scene here. “There should be some food in the other room.” Some girl who had noticed her frantic search for food said to Itunu. “Thank youm Thank you so so much” Itunu said and hurriedly left to the other room. She saw some coolers arranged on the floor. She hit the biggest with her feet to be sure that it was not empty and its solid weight calmed her fears. She went back to the kitchen, fetched herself a plate, a spoon and a serving spoon. Her stomach’s growl was louder now.
 On getting back there, she excitedly bent down to open the coolers and was surprised when the usual heat from coolers containing food did not hit her; neither did the smell of Jollof rice, fried rice or pounded yam or anything edible or smelling edible. Immediately she lifted the covers up and looked inside the coolers, she was disappointed, but not shocked to find canned drinks and a lot of ice. It was all about alcohol here and some idiots would describe it as a dope party.  She could cry now. Somebody kill her. She looked at her watch and the time was far spent. If she was fasting she would not have lasted this long. How did she get here in the first place?  What was she doing here, sef? Oh. She remembered!  It was Gloria that told her she was coming here to eat. She closed the cooler and dropped the plate on the table and went outside to look for her. She found her talking to some guy that looked familiar, but she could not just place where. “Excuse me.” she said, dragging Gloria from the chair to a corner of the room.

“Jesus. Gloria, where is the food we came to eat? Aren’t you hungry” Itunu asked her. “There’s no food? I did not know o. Get yourself something to drink at the bar. There’s free booze everywhere. This party is dope, IT. Sam is really boxed up o” Gloria replied, blaring her absolutely perfect white teeth at her and winking. Itunu was not in the mood to be cute. 

“Cut it out! Cut it out! Gloria.” Itunu snapped. “Booze oribu wo lon so? Like you don’t know I came for food. Is it till I faint that you would know the gravity of my case? I’m hungry joor! Shey,Booze is food,ni ? ” Itunu retorted with her arms folded expressing extreme dissatisfaction. 

“Wow. I’m sorry now. Maybe because I had some cereal this morning, when you were downstairs that’s why I’m not as hungry.” Gloria said and upon hearing those words, Itunu knew she had had just about enough for one day. Her mouth was still wide open like a bad door left ajar. This life is wicked o, she concluded as her hands dropped down to her side.  “Sly. Betrayer!! ” she wanted to scream, but she would not. People would think her babyish or crazy if she did that. They would not appreciate what she had been through today. 

“Let me try and get you some food.” Gloria said. But Itunu was not having any of that. “I am leaving.” Itunu said. She snatched her bag off the table and walked out of the room and it was Gloria’s mouth that was left ajar this time.

Chronicles Of Itunu – The Birthday Party 4 continues. Do stay tuned.

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  1. Anchor! Anchor! The suspense though! Love it!

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    1. Thank you,Boluwatife. More in 4.


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