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“And so what if you don’t bite? It’s not like you would say it or it would be written on your forehead.” Gloria replied scornfully. 

“Good Afternoon. You need directions somewhere or something?” Itunu asked, trying to be polite. 

“Maybe they are lost or something.” Gloria muttered under her breath. 

“Hi. My name is Nonso and this is Funsho and we are definitely not lost.” He said “Yes we heard you.” He stated, looking at Gloria who did not seem to care whether or not they had heard them.

 Gloria was ruining everything… 

 Itunu was single, but she had at least been a relationship since she came into school. So, she was not ready to mingle. This was all for Gloria and Gloria was obviously not in the mood to mingle. The Nonso guy obviously could not stop looking at her, so this was Gloria’s chance once again.

 “Hi. I’m Itunu and this is Gloria.” Itunu said with broad smiles trying to salvage the situation.

“Your friend does not seem to be much of a smiler.” Nonso said referring to Gloria’s frown. 

Gloria ignored him. 

“It is not like that.  She is not just in the best mood.” Itunu said.

Itunu was the hungry one that would rather be in her room right now, but Gloria was acting like she was forced to go out.

 “Gloria, they don’t bite now.” Itunu said trying to get Gloria to smile. 

“But I do.” A voice from inside the car said and scrolled down. The tinted glass went down to reveal the most handsome man Itunu had ever seen live and direct. 

She tried not to stare.

 “Okay. It was nice meeting you. We would be leaving now.” Gloria said, when she noticed the switch in Itunu’s attention. The glass went back up. 

 “This is an estate. How far could it be? We would do just fine walking there. Thank you for offering.” She said walking away and dragging Itunu along.

“I think they are going to Samuel’s house.”  Funsho said to Nonso. 

“They don’t look like pool party people to me or is that not what is happening there?” The guy at the back said and they drove off, past them. They drove straight to Sam’s gate, but parked right outside, without entering. 

Nonso and Funsho carried a big cake down from the car into the house.

 Gloria and Itunu got to the gate a short while afterwards. As they were passing by, the glass of the back seat went down to reveal the commentator’s face again. “Itunu.” he said from the window of the car. 

“That is the name, right?”Itunu stopped in her steps, but Gloria did not, entering the gate, refusing to mask her lack of interest.

 His voice was like silk to Itunu’s ears. “Yes. That is the name. She said. Trying to be as formal as possible. 

She told herself to get it together as the guy opened the door and got down. 

His legs were long and he got out step by step literarily. He squinted like he had not been exposed to the sun in a while.

 His hand went to his face in a salute like position, trying to shield his eyes from the sun. He was definitely taller than six feet, but not too tall.

 Most guys Itunu met were not apparently taller  than her, but this man was. 

He had long slender fingers and flawless skin. He was wearing knickers, so she could see his straight, finely haired legs and clean toes. 

He was dark skinned, yet his knees were not apparently dark. It was either he took extra care of his skin or he had excellent genes. 

He looked edible. He was a chief member of the beard gang. Yet, he was very clean. His hair was properly combed. It was jet black and almost curly. His nose sat beautifully on his face, with a pointed edge that gave him the perfect snub look. His lips were almost obviously pink and cut out almost in a feminine manner, but his chiseled jaw dispelled anything feminine about him. 

His chest made Itunu wonder why God created people like this on earth.  He was wearing blue t-shirt with and inscription that read “I am more than you see.” What more was there to see?

 Itunu wondered to herself. The tribe-o-meter in her head had collapsed. It was refusing to register his details and process what tribe this guy would be from. No H-factor, no accent.

 He would have called her HE-tunu. He smiled at her, revealing sparkly white teeth and said. “Hi. I am Adewale.”  

He was Yoruba!!! Jesus, another demon, although he did not look like one.



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  1. Pribodunke says:

    I’m anxiously waiting for part6


    1. Yes ma. YOUR COMMENTS MEAN A LOT… Coming soon.


  2. Pribodunke says:

    I nominated you for the mystery blog award on my blog.


  3. Beeh says:

    Owkies… I am actually drooling


    1. Thank you; Read the next episode on the blog, dear.


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