CHRONICLES OF ITUNU – The Birthday Party 2

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             Itunu was still awake when Gloria returned with water dripping down her body. She had incessantly warned her about this habit, but she could not be bothered at the moment. As Gloria dressed up, Itunu relayed to her the experience she had with the server. 

“Mtcheew ! It has to be Ola, that useless boy. It cannot pass him. Thank God, I won’t have to deal with those people anytime soon.  I am going for a birthday party… I would eat there…” Gloria said.

 At the mention of eat, the worms in Itunu’s stomach seemed to stir. She liked a lot of things and food was at the top, but yet again, above food and at the very top of the long list was free food. “Ha!  Birthday party ke ? Gloria, where? You suppose tell me now.” Itunu said breaking into pidgin, which she felt was most appropriate to convey her message.

  Gloria turned around to meet a dove face Itunu, batting her eye lashes at her.  She burst into a deep laugh and said…  “Go and bathe, let us go together.”

 Itunu stood up, only to roll back into her bed. “ Woo . I will wait for cafeteria food to be ready. I don’t know the celebrant. It would be somehow joor.” 

Gloria turned to face Itunu with her half painted face and asked “what are you saying? Who don’t you know? You know Samuel, joor. Dark and tall like this with a British accent.”  

It was then it hit Itunu. “Ha. Sam Sam. Samuel that was on my matter, one time? Bode’s friend.  Bola’s crush, Chinyere’s ex.  I know him joor. ” She jumped up from her bed without hesitation and picked up her towel from where it was hung to dry. 

Quickly, shedding off her night gown from her body and picking up her bathing materials, She then proceeded to the door stopping only to say “How won’t I go?? I am a guest of honor, sef.Today is going to be a great day !!” and shut the door behind, leaving Gloria in the room laughing once again.

By the time they were both dressed up, it was already two o’clock. Itunu wore a tomato red, knee length, figure hugging dress with ballet flats and packed her braids into a bun. 

Gloria, on the other hand wore a stone washed jean with a dark blue sneakers and a polka dot crop top.  

When, they reached the ground floor, the cafeteria had already started serving food, so Itunu considered stopping to eat, but Gloria whipped the notion off her mind, dragging Itunu till they got out the hostel. 

Gloria flagged down the first bike they saw and hopped on it, agreeing to the first price that the bike man called, which Itunu thought was quite exorbitant, but Gloria uprooted her worries and discontent when she told her that they were not being cheated and the price was the normal transport price the bike men took for direct thoroughfare to the area. 

As Gloria dished out directions to the bike man, Itunu wondered why Gloria was so familiar with the route to Sam’s house. “Have you been here before??”  Itunu wanted to ask, but she held back herself, unwilling to ruin her miracle source of food for the day. Gloria had a car but, it was currently at the mechanics so, public transport was their only recourse.

 Upon arriving at the estate gate, where they had to alight because bikes were not allowed into the estate, Itunu was glad as she had finally reached where she would eat. But she was far more than stunned when the gate men greeted Gloria with smiles and asked “Aunty, wetin do your car?” and she replied “ na for mechanic side the car dey. The brake get fault. How your children Akpan?” 

Itunu could only look left and right following the discourse. She was however determined not to inquire into any details, so she stealthily maintained her focus on the food she was going to eat and started imagining plates of Jollof rice in her head rather than turn detective on what was really none of her business.

          Luckily for them,Sam’s house was not so far from the estate gate and even a blind man could identify it as the venue of the birthday party because of the sounds they heard as they passed by the fence. 

On getting inside, they were welcomed by a sight of half naked girls wearing swimming trunks and boys in shorts.What was going on here? Were they in the right place ? A bunch of questions flooded Itunu’s mind,but she was focused on her Jollof.

            After asking about the whereabouts of Sam, they were led into a room that looked like a smoking hub and Sam was there, sitting right in the middle it all, cuddling a smoking pipe connected to coiled tubes containing colorful matter.

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