Your “2016” was amazing

The year 2016 had a LOT of drama. For the world,it was the year of Trump Vs. Clinton United states shocker, the death of a number of important personalities/celebrities , the Allepo year, the Bradgelina,Lemonade and Robchyna’s dream year and the year of global recession among other things. In Nigeria,it was the year of recession, inflation, corruption redefined, international musical collaborations, herdsmen and cattle saga and once again,another #BlameBuhari Year (with no suprise as the last #saybuhari year was the election year thanks to the state of things). The question is what was 2016 to you ?

While some people can confidently say,it was a year of success beyond expectations and a lesser number can say it was a year of achievements in the exact way planned and some would say it was just okay,some however do not have the best story to share about 2016 and some people might even call it a wasted year. Well,I KNOW YOU ARE NOT ASKING, but if i was asked what I felt about how YOUR 2016 went? I would say AWESOME,no matter what category above you fall into. And No no no, although paramount, I am not about to give you the truthful,but cliche reason that “the fact that  you are still breathing is a miracle.” (It is though!)

This may not apply to everyone,but it applies to the parent that spent the year unemployed, staying home at home and raising kids,the entrepreneur/bussinessman that did free jobs or was ridiculously underpaid, the student who buried his or her head in books and did not have the desired result,the person who spent the year in pursuit of deeper intimacy with God,the weight loss striving gymer or dieter without visible results,the one who experienced the death of a loved one and the one who suffered a breakup,separation or divorce they did not want. Your year was not so  “LIT”,right ?

With the understanding that in Life,we all spend time,but we have different journeys (even for birthday mates and siblings).I want you to know( especially if you believe you would have an amazing 2017, that you had a great 2016,because even though the noise of celebration is not made in the planting year,but in the harvest year,there would be no harvest,without it.

For those, who would in 2017 (especially in the early part of 2017) get married and/or have a baby, graduate ,move into a new house,start a business,experience a boost in sales,get employed or a promotion at work,do not testify about your 2017 alone,but about the 2016 you went through to get to a better 2017…Be grateful for the things you learnt (whether or not you were in school,you learnt,trust me…). Be grateful for the sickness or accident you survived,you learnt something about drugs and medicine(no kidding).

Finally for those who do not think they invested anything positive enough to reap good,you might be wrong,but if you are right,the general reason to be grateful which is being alive,should apply to you specially,because you get to live to make amends.. Once again,Happy new year in advance…


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