Hello!! Welcome to Bimidiah’s Musings. I do not know where to start from…For those who know me to a reasonable extent, it would come as absolutely no surprise to them when they hear I have started up a blog because I always wanted to start a blog since far back as I came to know what blogging entailed. I actually did start a blog some years back, but that did not work out. Enough on the story!

For starters, I am exceptionally glad you are here. This blog would hopefully cover a wide scope; News around the world, Religion, Literature (especially poetry), Relationships, Politics, Fashion and Health. I would post on and talk about everything and anything that I believe is worthy of the time and viewing of my subscribers and readers. It is not all about me though as I would be posting articles and writings of different people from different walks of life.

I trust that you would enjoy your visits and stay here, so please do subscribe, come around as often as possible, comment on posts and be as active as you can be. I am absolutely delighted that you are here. enjoy the rest of the year. I wish you a Happy New Year in Advance.