The Sugar DADDY Craze; My Personal Experience. 

By the Nigerian definition, a “sugar daddy” is a man, usually above forty years old who gives monetary favours and other forms of provisions to a girl usually young enough to be his daughter in exchange for sexual and other related services provided by the lady who is not his wife. 

The word “daddy” is a term normally used interchangeably with father, but in this sugar relationship daddy is used because of the wide gap margin between the man and the lady. Sometimes, the man is actually older than the girls birth father.  I don’t know why, but I just assumed the sugar is the money for sex exchange. 

The idea of sugar daddies and their girls is usually said in relation to university girls in Nigeria and girls in higher institutions generally. There are various forms of the relationship a lady can have with a sugar daddy and vice versa. 

1) TYPE A  (Free for All; Paid by Any): There is no actual form of relationship here, the ladies involved in this are usually tagged runs girls and the men “aristo”.  Usually girls are delivered to the older men who select based on preferences and availability. 

There is no commitment here. Just needs fulfilled. No ownership rights by either parties, but slight possessory rights in the intimate moment. Another friend of the man(sugar daddy) can however take the babe from him if he is interested in her; the same way the sugar daddy can be interested in other girls brought and book them too. At the end of the day, there is no real connection here as a sugar daddy can have a girl once, settle her and never meet her again.  It’s more of a business transaction and escorts do a perfect settlement. 

2) TYPE B (Sugar Side Chicks; Paid by some)

This can be developed from a type A relationship. From a random occurrence to a more regular situation where there are pre planned meetings between the man and the sugar girl because he is feeling the package and would want a repeat performance. 

Some men are indecent, but “clean“… it’s like having some favorite restaurants you patronize for food outside your wife’s kitchen.You know you are not the only one who eats at the restaurant except you are stupid, but you have tried their food and you are now a regular customer.You like The colour of The restaurant or The way their food is clean or how it tastes or how it is always available.

 This is how it is in this variant of a sugar girl/daddy relationship.

 The man meets her and likes her and patronizes her for her services whenever he wants. She is not precluded from seeing other men,of course… but she does well not to talk about other men when she is with him.  The man can have as many sugar girls as he wants too; but some men operate on zones and timetables. He can have one in University A or another in city B. It is a free world; but you pay for what you get. 

There is no actual commitment here.. it is just a higher meaeure of  consistency. He could also ask her to bring some of her friends on the next meeting if he is interested and it is immaterial whether it sits well with her or not.  Of course, it is his money all the way.  He can help her with one or two things 

Sometimes, the sugar man can do this to feel better about  his waran waran behavior and restrict it to a number of girls or in a bid to reduce his risk of STD contraction, but usually it has the general link of the man fancying the girl and finding her services as suitable. 

Please note :  The Type B Sugar Relationship can expire at any time and it usually expires once the sugar daddy is tired.  No ceremony. 

3) Type C (The Sugar Mistress; Supposedly Paid by  1):

This is an advanced form of side chick; but with some commitment level from the man; The mistress understands her role and would sometimes see herself as the “girlfriend ” of the sugar daddy.  This is a scenario where she not only sleeps with the sugar daddy, but feeds him and makes arrangement for him whenever he is around. She is entitled to certain privileges and not rights; but it’s all dependent on how She plays her game. 

She knows his work schedule and calendar; they chat well, on wats app or social media platforms and he can rent or lease a house for her. They can be private or not. She is not expected to see any other man, but him and the sugar daddies in this form of relationships are usually jealous and don’t want to see men around the girl and try to destroy her life with money. 

This is beyond university girls drama, so the sugar mistress in this category  is usually within marraigeable age and might have graduated. Most of them in this category have proper jobs as secretaries, bankers, stock brokers, actresses and surprisingly doctors and lawyers although lawyers and doctors are usually type D (explained below)

A type b relationship can graduate to this type c relationship and just because there are demands  to be faithful on the mistress does not mean she is or would be as most mistress eventually leave and settle down with their own husbands when either party is tired. It is more stable than type B, but less stable than type D.  The Sugar Mistress is very likely to be a baby mama if she does not proceed to find herself her man. 

4) Type D (Sugar Wife/Second Wife):

This type D can develop from Type C or from a random meeting whether professional or personal. 

Professionally, it can be a Secretary, employee or younger colleague or someone one meets at a bussiness conference before it gets personal.  This is usually treated as emotional before it becomes sexual or sexual before it becomes emotional, but both ways the idea is that it is not because of sex, but because of a genuine interest especially from the sugar daddy. 

The recent trend however is friends of daughters of these men and daughters of friends in instances where religions permit; but in a Christian setting,  where it is only monogamous marriage permitted and this happens where a girl’s father is interested in her friend. I think it’s a breach of trust Where the friend agrees. 

What differentiates this from Type C is that a form of marraige is contracted between the sugar daddy and the lady.  It can be based on religion or law (civil or traditional); where the sugar daddy goes ahead to pay the bride price or does a court marraige in instances where the man did not legally marry his first wife.  This is where lawyers and doctors who are second wife come in; where they are interested in the man, they settle all the requirements and make the man do all the neccesary things and the parents are still involved. 

What differentiates this from any other second wife is the age gap between the man and his new second wife. They are not baby mamas  because their children are legitimate by marraige. The paternity of the children is not usually up for debate as they are regarded as husband and wife under the law and no need for acknowledgment due to presumption of paternity. 

QUICK NOTE: Dear wives, settle all settlables; if you and your husband agree on a monogamous marriage;it is irregardless whether you have done a traditional marriage or religious one (Nikkah or church), please,  Go ahead and make sure you are married in court legally; so that way, there is a monogamous stamp on your affairs; marrying someone else would be bigamy;  it won’t stop a man from cheating, but it puts legal grounds for monogamy unlike a traditional marriage that has no limits to the number of wives or Islamic marriage with 4 or a mere celebration of marraige in the church not registered. #freelegaladvicefromBimidiah


I have two sugar daddies; Let me tag them as Sugar daddy A and Sugar daddy B; in order of meeting them. Both of them are rich; but  B is far richer than the A and  I kind of met B through  A. 

Sugar DADDY A is handsome; tall and confident.HE PROVIDES FOR ALL MY NEEDS. HE IS THE CUTEST.  He is awesome and almost close to perfect. Don’t worry, I don’t have plans of marrying my Sugar daddy, but I really do not mind marrying a man like him. HE says things like “You are very beautiful. “, “I am proud of you”,  “Don’t  you miss me? “,  “I love you, too”; “I have been calling your line, why didnt you pick? “. He even apologises when he is wrong. He says “How much do you need? ” even though he just gave me some money. 

Let me tell you why I love him:

He is a honest man; He is a great Christian; He is a police officer of  the NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE WHO HAS NEVER TAKEN BRIBE! NOT ONCE. He is a pastor. He has five degrees.   HE IS ONE OF THE REASONS I CAN SAY not all men are scum as I explained in some not scum

Well, by now, you should know I am talking about my first love and the only man that has a part of my heart that no one can replace because he is just awesome. The person that set standards so high I NEVER want to drop them; that randomly buys me gifts; yes I am a show off. I peck him in public and run to hug him everytime i see him because I am His baby girl. 

At this point you should know I am talking about my father; : POLICEMAN, PASTOR, LAWYER, POLITICAL SCIENTIST, FAITHFUL HUSBAND AND AWESOME FATHER of six. He is a patriot who loves Nigeria and preaches love. 

He is my father and my Sugar daddy; He is a faithful husband  Who DOES NOT CHEAT ON HIS WIFE. I love him with all my heart. I have seen him live a close to perfect life even though he is human and God keep him and bless him for me.  

– Sugar DADDY B is GOD and he is a very good father that has all the sugar in the world and no sexual favors involved :mrgreen:So follow him. JUST stay away from my father and cleave to Jesus if you do not have a father like mine or if he is dead. If he is alive, pray for him and hope that things would get better. Amen.



A man above forty is most probably married with kids, divorced, separated or someone’s baby’s daddy except if he is a widower. My simple advice to any young woman is let married men be. Good men are scarce, but be good and you would find your own; if you are invoved in type A TO D relationship with a married man; Please end it. 

P.s. :  He is not yours. He would not leave his wife for you and if he does; you should know  that he would leave you and karma happens in many ways than one. Stop eating where you Did not sow. Some mothers are second wives and I am super Sorry, but,  even if your mum was type A TO D or you are a product of such a relationship; you can do better. 

To the sugar daddies, stop sleeping with your children’s  agemate…. actually stop cheating entirely.  The Lord is your strenght and you  would not die of you stay faithful. God bless you. 

Happy Birthday in arrears , DADDY. I LOVE you, my Sugar daddy. 

Bimidiah cares. 


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  1. ITORO! says:

    …my heart stopped there for a second…joker! Nice one.

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    1. Thank you for your comment 😀😇😇 Let your heart beat now, sir. Thank you for reading.


  2. aroundmyweb says:

    I like the twist here. I would like to see a post about the sugar mummies too. I wonder why the excuse to be promiscuous is simply ‘human’.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your comment 😀 Many “humans” don’t cheat; indiscipline is a bigger issue to me than actually being human because there are actually celeibate people; I’d work on a post about Sugar mummies just because you asked 😀😀


  3. Pribodunke says:

    Awwnn, when I saw my personal experience I was shocked and then j saw 2… My plan was to put a phone call through asap😂😂. You never cease to amaze me. Well-done

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    1. 😅😅😅😅😅

      Thank you for your comment, Pribodunke… many people actually messaged me. Thank you for trusting me small and reading to the end… THANK YOU for reading, love. 😊


  4. Excellency Oluwafunmilayo says:

    Well said and keep it up.
    You are a good writer.
    God Bless u.

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    1. Thank you very much,ma.


    2. Amen. Thank you for your comment, ma. X😊😊😊


  5. ninaperdido says:

    Bimidiah does it again! Wonderful!. I Wuv You❤

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Nina. X😊😊😊oxoxoxo


      1. ninaperdido says:

        I know you haven’t seen the post where I stole your phrase🙈


  6. Amaka says:

    This is just brilliant, even me my heart stopped when I saw ‘my personal experience’ but I love the way you twisted it

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  7. Plot Twist of life 😂😂😂. My heart almost skipped a beat. Like what? You are still adorning and describing him without shame! Oh my God!… Only to find out…. In fact come and take Two speedy biscuits 😄😄😄

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  8. sorple says:

    smh smh

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  9. Joseph says:

    But how many persons have been prosecuted for bigamy in Nigeria even after going ahead to have ‘extra luggage’ despite their Court Marriage?
    Maybe your sugar daddy will help us with this. 🙂

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