Let’s Be Candid! “KNOWING SEX” 1 

If you are reading this; you must be wondering what this post is about or you should have guessed it. WELL, THIS IS PART ONE AND YOU WOULD ONLY GRASP THE FULL ESSENCE AFTER YOU READ ALL THE PARTS. 

First and foremost; it’s about sex or Love making or whatever name one wants to tag it and This first post is about ‘knowing sex’ 

  • Marriage is practically the only institution where partners are not just permitted, but required to have sex. This is true in almost  all religions of the world including Christianity and  under most laws; So I mean.. If you are going  to be married and  FAITHFUL  like the BIBLE REQUIRES; the sex has to be great! This is a valid desire. 

For this topic; I’d like to divide it into two aspects; 1) How  2)Where

This part one would cover how. 

1) HOW : How sex in a marriage should be? 

I have heard the most ridiculous arguments; about sex in marriage  and in my humble opinion, sex in marriage can and should be great; but the fact that it is not great is not an excuse for infidelity 

a) Positions : 

Let me start like this : Two years ago; a friend who believes that I am a worded believer asķeď me a simple question which I’d like you to provide answers to in the comment section. He said : “Is it biblical or sinful to do a style outside missionary style during sex with one’s spouse?”

I started laughing because it was a funny question and he told me it was a serious matter and he and his guys were talking about it and he wanted to know my opinion. I simply told him that;  I don’t know what part of the bible prescribes missionary style in marriage in the first place. The bible says “And Adam Knew Eve” 

Without looking at the original meaning of Know as used in this context. It is clear that it is sexual intercourse as Eve got pregnant and beget her first child and in numerous places where this term IS used in the bible within this context, it’s usually followed by pregnancy. The logical interpretation is sex. 

My question to conservatives is “How does the word know translate to missionary style?  ” Having sex in missionary style in a marriage does not make it any  more holy than it already is neither does having innovative sex in various positions make it sinful as long as you are husband and wife. 

Let me paint an analogy that is pretty simple – If two persons who are not married to each other have sex., it  is FORNICATION /ADULTERY. The fact that their sexual position was missionary style alone would not make it any less sinful, because the bible prohibits sex outside marraige.

Do you know what it means to know someone? If you are to know someone in a sexual context; I mean; it should involve some exploring, discovering and a more than superficial level of intimacy; sex is a spiritual act, but let’s not ignore the physical  aspect.  

Please, being Christians does not meàn that you should have be monotonous and boring because quite frankly; as long as both parties(husband and wife) are comfortable with it, no neck breaking or straining IS involved or risk of death or illness,there is no reason why numerous positions should NOT be explored. God bless you. 


We have too many pretenders in the church. You are married. Everyone assumes you are sexually active as you should be, you can cut yourself some slack. Sex is not food and it’s not everything, but you would be a liar if you tried to undermine the importance in a marriage.

b). Time : It is most likely that most couples have sex at night. 

Please, I don’t know where the bible says it must be at night! People are funny in this life; I don’t know if the night time sex is the stamp of validity on lovemaking. Due to how humans have ordered their lives; it is inevitable that spouses would only be free at night; but please there is no restriction. 

Spontaneous sex is great sex according to research . If you are married you should try it. Yeah… it is easier said than done, so but trying would not kill. 

Try to have sex outside of the unscheduled sex day or time;  Research has shown couples have calendars and times especially those trying to get pregnant and non newlyweds; break the schedule yoke and do something spontaneous -maybe; just maybe it would feel like stolen water.  Sex is not meant to be a chore to dread, but to be enjoyed BY BOTH PARTIES IN A MARRIAGE.

 I don’t remember the bible specifying the time to have sex  or know your spouse. I do know of abstinence during fasting and that has a caveat. The bible does not say and Abraham knew Sarah in the middle of the night.  So let’s remove all removable fetters to knowing sex in marraige . God bless you. 


C) Parties: I would dedicate a full post to this topic later. You are not to know anyone apart from your spouse if you are doing it; JUST STOP.Grace is more than sufficient for you.  The parties to be involved in making love are husband and wife, and nobody else. 

Whatever be your sexual fetish,do not let it  exceed reasonably safe acts with your spouse; if all you are interested in is threesomes and above; if your ultimate sexual fantasy is to have more than one person on the bed with you or that person is not your spouse; please stop- pray it out and actively turn away from it. 

 The bible says marriage Is honorable in all and the bed undefiled. So please, cut out cheating… rather seek to improve sex with your spouse. God bless you. 

Part 2 coming up. Thank you for reading. Leave a comment. 

Bimidiah cares.  


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Phiz says:

    This is the 1st time am reading ur post, usually as soon as you post on WhatsApp I delete immediately, from today on I will look forward to the next post, interest and thoughtful topic. Thumbs up .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Phiz; This is one of the most truthful comment I have ever had on this platform. Thank you very much for visiting the blog, reading and leaving a comment. 😆
      The plan is to keep things interesting and thoughtful. 😊
      Thank you once again. 😀


  2. Omobolaji says:

    I am actually looking forward to the next Episode of this series….Nice one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, Omobolaji. It’s coming up soon.


  3. Preiz says:

    Haha, truth unfiltered!! Weldone K..
    Waiting on Part 2

    Liked by 1 person

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