I Like – KITARA 

I like

A couple of things, 

A lot of things, 

Some things I like 

A little more than I like others

I like,  

The wind blowing, breezing past my face and scalp

Leaving refreshing auras in its airy wake 

I like,  

The joy in a baby‘s smile, innocent and pure

Leaving mirrored expressions,  even though momentary, in it’s beautiful wake

I like, 

The love in a mother‘s embrace and rebuke 

The  peace and satisfaction it carries in it’s instinctual  wake

I like

Kissing, long and slow, quick and fast, French and  Nigerian

And the silence, hunger, pants,  it leaves in it’s  svvmacking wake

I like

And very much I like

Sex with you

It’s crazy how another human

Can make you feel vulnerable and powerful

Sweetness and madness mixed into pure ecstasy

The growing hunger, sooner or later, for a rematch, it leaves in its hormonal wake

I like you

And very much I might add

And the God that created you, me, wind, babies, mothers, sex… 

I think we; humans  invented kissing though and a couple of other things that I really like

Like I said earlier

A lot of things,  I like

I like to like



KITARA is a poet/writer and lover of art. She breathes poetry half of the time. Read her other poems on Bimidiah’s musings. 


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