The mind is a beautful place. Maybe not always beautiful, but it is a place… The mind is powerful and more powerful than you imagine. 

The dictionary definition of placebo is placebo : 1)– (Roman Catholicism )The vespers sung in the office for the dead. 2)– (medicine) A dummy medicine containing no active ingredients; an inert treatment. The antonym is nocebo

The focus here is the second definition which defines placebo effect :  (medicine) A dummy medicine containing no active ingredients; an inert treatment.

It is super impressive what the mind can do. It is quite astonishing. A working definition for this post is : “Placebo/ NOCEBO generally refers to something that is not what it is, but the mind believes it is due to some representation or assumption or trickery. It is used in relation to drugs and treatment in medicine. 

When a person is sick (used for minor illnesses though)  and they need to get treated and they are given drugs to use. These drugs would contain no active ingredients. Studies showed that since patients/people believed they were using actual drugs and used it with same tenacity as the drugs they assumed it was, it worked…. The truth is that : There was absolutely no way, the drugs themselves could have worked because they were not drugs… The mind believed and they got well. That was their only treatment. 

The power of the mind is such that the placebo effect extends to acupuncture. A study showed that patients with pains who were treated with dummy acupuncture or fake acupuncture reported that they felt better after the treatment. They stated that they had a drastic reduction in the pain they were feeling before the therapy session, butI there was no real treatment. It was their belief that they were being treated that sponsored their healing. 


In a research exercise, 2 groups were compared. The first group was told that the procedure was going to be a painful one, while the second group was told nothing. After the procedure, while a very high percentage in the first group, affirmatively reported to have felt pain, a very inconsequential amount /number in the second group reported to have felt any form of pain… It is actually awesome what the mind can do. 

The mind is a powerful tool and lies can be backed up by false evidence and nocebo kicks in.It is immaterial whether something is actually true or false. What matters is whether or not you genuinely and absolutely believe It to be true. ‘ 



If you do not have HIV and you run tests in the hospital and you are told you are HIV POSITIVE. You believe you are. Although it is far easier for you to accept a favorable result, so definitely, if you actually have HIV and you run tests AND pi they come out negative. You believe you are HIV negative even though you have HIV. It is a great risk though… but it just goes t

It is however risky with serious and terminal ailments. So I don’t know if any research has been carried out in that area.I do believe that the position you place a medical practitioner in, goes a long way in acceptance of medical /health  statuses and treatments by the mind. 

I however know that, if you are told that a certain drug has certain side effects e.g. drowsiness. After taking the drug,  you begin to look out for The side effects, prepare  for the side effects and even When there are no side effects, you start to experience it. It is crazy. That is what your mind can do. 


 If you grew up hearing “You are really pretty.” Chances that you would believe that you are would be far higher than the average person that was not told anything or worse off, someone that was told they were ugly. This is me. I grew up hearing “You are a very fine girl” by my parents and aunties. There was NO negativity when it came to looks in my house. I had very pretty aunties and my mum is beautiful, although they were all fair in complexion. I would hear things like “Adumaadan“, “Black and shine“, “Agbani derago“, “You would make a stunningly beautiful bride…  “. “You would have beautiful children o. “.IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY WERE ALL LIES. THE FACT IS :I BELIEVED THEM!!!! This words I absorbed unconsciously. 

LISTEN TO ME : Nobody! Nobody on the planet can tell me I am not fine even if they genuinely believe it to be true because I know I am fine. I believe I am fine. The confidence that I state my beauty with  shocks some people, but this is what I believe and its is true. I am super pretty. There is even a hint of pride in the way I say it. Lol. The funniest part is I absolutely do not have a problem with telling anyone I think is fine that “You are very beautiful /handsome. ” because I was not taught that it is something to be ashamed of. I am not intimidated by another pretty girl in the room. I also don’t need to seek validation for my looks with a lover. Now imagine what the case would be if I did not believe I was pretty. 


I already stated that I think I am pretty. I’d hear people say that they don’t like how a certain facial feature they have  is. I have a friend that thinks her nose is big and talks about how she wishes she could reduce the size. I don’t see what she is talking about though. I think she is aan absolute beauty. I know a sweetheart who thinks her ears are big, so she always ties her gele/head gear/scarf to cover her ears completely and does not wear big earrings. I believe you can always do things that suit your face shape and adorn yourself in yourself in the most suitable way, but I really cannot find a flaw in my whole face. 

The idea that I am pretty ensures that my confidence is not reduced  when I have no make up on. I think make up is good andI some people are just great at it. Make up artistry is an art that should be given the credit due.I am not just a serious make up person.

Asides, the fact that I am too lazy to over powder my face, I also do not have the time to do proper make up, so on super glamorous events,I get a make up artiste and I do full make-up….  But on the days I don’t apply make up… I come out with a bare face and I do not carry a bag of apologies along with me. I think eyebrows are important, but I rarely draw them. I cannot draw them myself because the need to never occurs and because I usually just do light make up… Powder, eyeliner and lipstick. 

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Make sure you behold yourself as beautiful. 


In Africa, Bleaching is trending and I feel it is your bussiness whether or not you want to bleach your skin.It has side effects and can back fire, but Fair skinned people want to become fairer and black people do not want to stay black. According to them “it is not good for bussiness… “.  It is a matter of personal choice. I do not see my skin colour as anything to be ashamed ashamed of. 

I love my skin.It’s black. Absolutely dark. My aunties told me I was black and Shine and I believed.  Note that now; not even my aunties that got me to believe this can convince me otherwise. Nobody can make me feel bad about my skin colour. I cannot bleach my black away. Someone once told me “Olohun lo so pe o pupa, wa ti lo fine ju. ” meaning ” God deliberately made you black because if you were fair skinned, you would have been too fine… “

I just smiled and said “thank you.” accepting it as a compliment and not an insult even though the implication of the stament was that I would have been more beautiful if I was fair skinned…. But I am literally comfortable in my own skin… I am satisfied with the way I look. For a long time in my life, I used Shea butter and coconut oil for my skin and apparently it can make you darker.. . Love your skin, wear it like it’s gold because it is. Black, white, red, albino.. love it. 


My breasts are small. Among the four female children of my mother, I have the smallest breasts and guess what???  I love them… Every inch of them .  I have met people with bigger and people with apparently smaller that they don’t even need a bra at all. Before, this discussion gets awkward, let me stop here about breasts by saying… I love them like that with bras on, wihout a bra on and whether the bra is padded and whether it isnt because Jesus made my body and he made it perfectly… I have girls with big breasts saying they want to reduce and people with small  saying they want to increase…. The Lord is your strenght. Please just stop. If it is about being attractive or keeping  a relationship… please it is not big breasts or small breasts. 

So sisters, love your breasts, big and small, whatever shape they come in… They are yours. 

People say “Anybody taller than me is too tall and anybody shorter than me is too short. ” Please you don’t need this. If you are short… accept it… You are tall… Accept it. I am not tall. In my house, I have five siblings and even the last born is taller than me. I would not mind adding a  few inches, but I love every inch of my body and if I do not add, the so be it. 

“Jesus/God made me this way and he made me perfectly”…. but then I was taught this as a young girl growing up too… Confidence is beautiful… It is healthy.. It is stunning. It is absolutely lit and absolutely sexy. ”

P. S :Parents… The words you tell your children stick and go a long way to determining their beliefs… Try to do good and speak good to the little children around you. God bless you . 


Placebo effect has made me learn that it doesn’t matter whether  a thing is true or false. When it comes to a person, it is whether that person believes it as true or false such that if they took a lie detector test…. what would matter is whether or not it is true to you and that is what would come out in the test results.

The question is not what is true, but what you believe is true. It is not what is real?  But what we believe to be real. It is not who is speaking the truth as much as whose words you want to hold onto and believe as true. That is what would be the truth to you. 

I however advice that you believe the truth and take it wholeheartedly, the power of your mind combined with the power of the truth would produce an unstoppable force. 

I don’t want to sound to churchy, but here is some truth : The bible contains unadulterated truth. The bible is the word of God. I believe in Jesus, that he died and rose for me. The bible has amazing things written about me. So why won’t I believe that I am who God says I am, where he says I am and It would come to pass. The bible as so many promises that I hold onto dearly without faltering because God never fails… 


The devil on the other hand is a huge fabricator of lies. He is a long defeated foe. He has failed and victory belongs to God. So when the devil or anybody at all, comes around with his lies telling you that “You are worthless, unloved, filthy, ugly,  sick and  empty…. ” Tell him/her/them what God says about you. How he is absolutely in love with you. HOW IT IS WELL WITH YOUR SOUL. Tell him what you know and believe: That by his stripes, you were healed and you have abundant life.  Shout it like charge; chant it like a mantra; sing it like a chorus – Glory!! 

This is what I believe! What do you believe?? How about you start believing the great things you should. 

Bimidiah (King Jesudunmo ) cares!!! 


Part 2 coming up soon… 


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  1. ninaperdido says:

    Super nice post. Placebo effect is real and unfortunately I experienced it on the negative side and I won’t lie that it has been easy to get the negativity outta my system but its a journey I am currently on and I am gradually seeing results. Thank you for this post Bimi and thank you for helping me reaffirm the decision of protecting my kids from negative words. You are beautiful inside out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nina,
      You are so beautiful.
      I am super proud of you and where you are right now.
      Hearing about your story is really touching.
      The fact that you can talk about it shows some improvement

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are so beautiful and the way you weild your story so beautifully is what makes you extra beautiful. You are so strong. You are a star. You are loved. I am super proud of you and I know you would succeed in all your positive endeavors. I care. Remain awesome. Thank you for sharing your story here. Remain awesome. Thank you so much for your unadulterated comment once again.


  3. 😊😊😊😘😘😘😙😙😗😗🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


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