It has been a while. Actually, its not been so long. 

This blog post is titled… “You are not ready. ” because truly you are not ready, but for what??  you ask?? Please read on… 

As a young girl growing up, one movie that struck a chord was ” Hotel Rwanda“…. I loved the movie and would talk about it non stop to my classmates and friends and it ended with a slow sad song made up of chanting of the children non stop. I stumbled on it on my neighbor’s laptop yesterday and I watched it all over again… I skipped some parts and watched the focus of the movie to the end.  You should watch it If you have not. I didn’t cry because I couldn’t  start crying in somebody else’s room about a movie I had been gushing about.. It would not have encouraged them to watch it…. Actually, I could cry, but, that is besides the point… 

I did not pay a lot of thought to the movie, afterwards… I moved on with my day and watched other clips and movies. 

Later on in the evening, I had to go back home and driving was out of the question because the car  I  would have driven had developed a fault; which was absolutely my fault and driving it would have meant, the engine knocking….Public transport was out of the question because I had heavy bags to carry…   So I called home for someone to come and pick me up. They called me by 8:23 pm  exactly to tell me that the tyre had burst and become damaged and I had to come and meet them halfway where they were organising for another car with extra tyre… 

So I just packed a small bag, I could carry and a small pouch, I put my purse in..I had to give up carrying other bags and carry less heavy baggage . I had to use my phone torchlight because I could not see the anything and streetlights were not functioning..  I walked quite a distance from the house I was in, no motorcycles or bikes.. 

Now,  this area is quite bushy, coordinated landscape with flowers though, but bushy like the typical old G. R. As  in Nigeria. I was walking down with my phone torch and was considering putting it off,  when I saw a big black snake a few steps  in front of me…

My first thought was:”Jesus..Snake! ah. And I almost put off my torch oh… ” 

Ahhhhh!!!  Snake…  I told myself “Calm down, Dunmo.” The snake was not moving.  Upon closer examination, I discovered that it was motionless because it  had been crushed dead by a car. 

It was still very frightening, I had a big bag hung on my shoulder weighing me down. All of a sudden, panic shot through my veins that it could still be alive, just injured… I ran, ignoring the weight on my shoulders and ran like that was what I was born to do. I could barely run well with the load and my legs were tired… please note that my phone torch was going on and off and I had to keep it in my hands to see where I was going… 

After slowing down when I felt reasonably far from the snake.. I waited to catch my breath when the realization hit me “You are not ready for war! “…  I had just run a short distance and I was panting for breath !!!  I remembered Hotel Rwanda and stories of Nigerian Civil war and this was just a snake!!  A dead one and I could not run away from it fast enough…

See, I was a member of Man o’ War, in my early university days, so I was involved in physical activities and jogging over long distances. I was never a great runner, but for those who think that they are great runners… Do not be mocked! You are not ready for war.. Running for sports and playing is different from running for Your life!!!!!!



Houses get burned and explosives are dropped on houses.. Imagine running with whatever little you have left of your possessions on a hungry stomach.. 

Imagine running with kids and elders you cannot leave behind.. 

The size of your house would not matter and your car( except if it is an armoured tank, ofcourse )would be of no significance because you would be too busy running for you life. Money would be of no value at some point during war… Let us not talk about the rape that goes on during war. The emotional trauma and madness unleashed during war. 

During war, you cannot even maintain your strenght, because no proper kitchens to cook and you cannot eat a proper balanced diet. The markets don’t open the way they do now and I doubt you can “go to movies ” before a bomb drops on the cinema… Power supply is not stable at the moment… Imagine what it would be like during war… War is not pretty… War is crazy…


To you, that thinks you are a healthy person !  Do not be mocked.. It is because you are sleeping inside a house that keeps mosquitoes away… When you sleep outside or in camps for a short while.. You would realise that healthcare in peace is different from health care in war.. I actually Lol for the person that thinks NHIS would work or healthcare would be the same… 

For those that plan to travel out, just understand that your plane can be shot down from the sky… A peaceful NIGERIA IS a beautiful NIGERIA.



War is ugly, so avoid war… 

Dear Nigerians, Yoruba, Igbos, Hausas, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Fulani, Nupe and all tribes … Christians and Muslims and all religions… please let us just chill. Let us try to live with one another within the geographical space we call home… 

War is not worth it.. The killings and madness is not worth it. Nobody is ever prepared for war… not even the soldier on the battlefield is prepared for war. You may think you are physically prepared for war, but you are not emotionally prepared for war.. You are not prepared for the aftermath of war, the littered dead bodies and wiped lineages… 

To the one, who thinks he is prepared, let me tell you… “You are not ready. ” You can never be ready. You cannot simulate the circumstances of war outside war… Try to train and watch war movies, but they cannot grasp the aggravated circumstances of war…. Where minor disputes do not count and fade into silence.. Where resort to self help is the order of the day. There is no system of justice in war.. no courts to charge people to and legal maxims do not matter…

Nigerians are religious people, but War makes People question the existence of God… But God exists and he is a God of love, so can we try to do more loving and less fighting… 

A peaceful NIGERIA IS the NIGERIA you can order pizza and be a Yoruba demon, eat party jollof, get ice cream and go to dinners… Slay to and in church.  IT’S funny but true.. 


And if war is inevitable like a death after the last stage of a terminal illness… Then, it would do thee well to delay the starting of a war because, right now, in this moment, trust me when I say …. “YOU ARE NOT READY! “

God bless you.
Bimidiah Cares… 
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  1. ninaperdido says:

    Let’s be candid, you have hit the nail on the head.💞

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    1. My Nina, thank you very very much.

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  2. nehemzy006 says:

    …reading this was fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nehemiah 006,
      That was part of the intent.
      Thank you.


  3. Let’s be candid, it was nice reading this.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you… very much.


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