1) My heart almost did hurt and bleed

When I cast my eyes upon the living lettering of Luke

That shewest me that for eternity

Not will our love last nor our union of love

For it was then I knew us, death will indeed do part

For forever shall heaven last and so also hell

God, his LOVE and we, children of resurrection

But, nay not our marraige or our mutual passion

You are only the bone of my bone and that sees decay

 2 )Yes I had thought that I did have eternity to love you

But if we neither marry or are given in marraige in heaven

Then I doubt if I shall feel what I feel for you

For pure torture shall it be for me, then 

Not to be joined with you in all respects as one

So, when dusts returns to dust.

I understand why you are, but flesh of my flesh

Emotions I think will be vapored up into nothingness  

And moth to the rings that could ever bind us

3)Now indeed, I know all I have is time on earth to love

So I will spend every living waking moment loving you

Even in my dreams, you I shall love and want you 

For I know on earth alone can I love you so

I will be jealous and I will be selfish

And gratify myself in holiness with you

But to you I will be free,you alone my love I will give

As we hope for the return of Yeshua

For he indeed is the lover of our souls, forever.

4) With each second that passes, less time for us

So, I refuse to stay alone and as the preacher says

Let us have a good reward for our labour

Let me have thee to lift me when I fall

Let us never be cold,give heat to our mortal bodies

Let us reach out for the stars and live our dreams

Lets spend no time in argument or malice, love me

For in this world, you be all the heaven I can have.

My bone , ache not now, our love is not forever.


You have just here on earth to love because; death actually would do you and your spouse part. So stop fighting  and learn to love more because this is all the time you have to love this way. Speak sofly to one another, help one another and make love as often as you can because really, your love is not forever. 

Reference  : Luke & Ecclesiastes 

I pray a prayer for all turbulent and troubled marriages; For broken homes or dying homes, that your love be renewed and values refreshed; that you love one another with passion, compassion and gusto. That the Lord heals your land /marraige and calms your fears and worries. 

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Bimidiah Cares. 


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