My heart feels like broken glass

Shattered inside itself

Like a thousand arrows shot at a target

Unaware it was a red dot

to be shot at

And getting as requested

I’ve been slapped by a hand of Steel

into numbness

creeps up my spine

For life is leaving me

This is a salt bath of my tears and blood

I’m drowning within myself

It feels like one of those dreams

Where you try to scream

But your voice is frozen in silence

Lost in a morbid pause

It is a scarring nightmare

continuing till the morn

As poison flows through my veins now

I know I am breaking up with my mind

And If I lose it

Just know it is because

you, my love,

took it along with you

the Author 

Kitara is a poet in her twenties. She loves poetry and breathes art half of the time. She seeks to write poetry free of condemnation and this blog is an avenue for her expression. 


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