This is a style post and the picture below is a preview of all the items and pieces of the look.  

You know I have been preaching about love and showing and being love on the blog, right?  Well,  it’s kind of hypocritical of me to say show love when Once I’m stressed I practically walk with a huge frown on my face! 

And It’s because I am actually stressed a lot of late  and Nigeria is not helping matters at all!! 

I was at the bank some days ago to pay for something  important. On that faithful day,  I had waited on the unreasonably long ( 2 hours) on a ridiculously long queue till it was literally two people before getting to me and the bank attendant said.. :”All those who are paying remita should try another branch! ” 

I was paying remita, but I was confused!  

1) The way he just said it was shocking and rude without concern that some people had been standing here. He just said “network is bad, try another branch!! ” I had a meeting for 1 o’ clock , so I was not about to “try another branch! “

The look on my face was like – “what is this one saying?? ” I had not had breakfast all morning  and standing was not pleasant at all!! 

I just left the bank tired and pissed.  I struggled with my love policy. I could have started up a ruckus by going to the manager and explaining that someone so rude should not be attending people and representing the bank’s image, because he was doing a poor job or shouted at him directly !  

I could have stated that they could easily have announced it on the bank  public address system since they figured that network was bad ! 

But the guy was most probably tired and  it was not his fault that network was bad.  (Terrible excuses, by the way!! Presentation was poor and so was his customer service! But love helped  me make up excuses for him! Jesus is Lord! 

I just left and went to OPEYEMI FOOD CANTEEN, NATIONAL ARCHIVES and treated myself  to nice hot ABULA AND AMALA…  I was still pissed, but trust me.. It was easier to smile and say hello to people greeting me. Food is good! Life is not so bad! 

Summary is that: Shit happens!  Your reaction to shit does not have to be shitty!! Remain good and do not get tired of being nice… Smile. Live -Love 
Now here are pictures for the fashion post :

This is an oversized  PATTERN Jacket (Yes it is; but that is the way it is meant to be. THE SHOES ARE THE Colour POP; HENCE THE NAME: POP & PATTERN 

My mum got the jacket for herself and my elder sister collected it for herself then gave me/or I collected it two  months ago,  since  she cannot use it in law school. 

They are both bigger than me, so usually  I would adjust this to my size, but I figured that it was not neccesary and I have been wearing it like that ever since😆😇

Okay, Here is the guide to pulling this particular look  off :

1) Confidence : It is immaterial if. you look like a clown; once you decide to wear something, wear it confidently. And for this look, you should at least pretend you know what you are doing;)

2 ) All else tight: If you decide to wear the big jacket, let all else be tight or your perfect size!  I wore Jeggins/jeans!  Don’t wear another big thing!  You would look like a pregnant cat

The face I would  make below is the “Ki le leyii so bayii?? ” meaning “what is this one saying like this?? ” (Nonsense bank man… lol.. ) I can be petty sometimes. 

3) Pop Piece :  Your pop piece(s ) is anything but the jacket!  STAY AWAY FROM THE BOLD COLOURS FOR THE BIG JACKET -This one has two basic colours: white and black! my shoes are the main pop piece:):) People would talk about them before the size of your jacket’ They were a gift, by the way!Special Thanks to the giver! 

Here is  the back view below :

Weh done, ma! 

The bag is a gift from my mum… Most of my nicest pieces are from her. Covers face*

This is me being glad I am me! 



Question of the day. 

Are you tired of being nice? Here is a reason to not get weary of doing good. Why you should not shout at a rude banker! 

And it is a promise! 

Here is the promise! 

And it is from the bible! 

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. “(Galatians 6:9) – GET this Bible App SOON

Thank you for reading to the end. 

Shoes/Heels : Rage 

Jacket : R. E. Q

Jeans : RAINA (Ultra Jeggins)

Bag/Purse : CELINE (Paris)


Bimidiah cares… xoxo xo


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  1. ololade olajumoke says:

    Nice one bimidiah..kisses

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi.
      Olajumoke Ololade.
      You are such a sweet heart.
      Thank you for the encouragement off and on the blog.


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