Don’t worry this post is not about “Angels and Demons” per se. You should be able to guess from the title, what the post is about if you have been following blog posts in line with the current blog theme for the month of may (my birthday Month)… :D:D

Anyone that is actually curious and eager to discover much about Angels and demons, please read your bible to know more about angels and demons not the book. 

This post is however about  the “Yoruba Demon” tag that is following the young single and sometimes newly married Nigerian men especially Yoruba men about… 

The idea of a yoruba demon is basically/in summary , a man usually Yoruba who is a player when it comes to women and there are grades as to the expertise of  yoruba demons…Some are experts! SOME ARE REGULAR!  Some are low key and others just flaunt it. 

It is however believed they can be super romantic, look like husband material,  be ” religious”, take care of their women (plural intended), but at the end of the day “THEY WOULD BREAK YOUR HEART! “.  

The idea of angels and demons from a biblical perspective would lead you to an interesting conclusion which is that ” DEMONS WERE ONCE ANGELS ” till the whole war in heaven. Yes… So even the devil was an angel, Lucifer,  beautiful and sonorous…  But where is he today? Well,   He is the devil.. Irredeemable and he was once an angel! 

The worst part about Yoruba demons is the fact that they would deceive you without trying hard.  They are usually smooth,  cute and tall, but even the short ones are sharpshooters in the game of romance and field of relationships. 

You would see serious potential in a yoruba demon to be a wonderful man faithful and good, but no no no he would refuse to attain potential!  I have not however been with one or experienced any of this and I don’t plan on meeting one or being with one!  If you are one! Biko, stay away and God bless you as you do so. 

Anyways, while…. I do not commend or recommend promiscuity, polygamy and cheating… Sometimes, the truth is the conversion of an angel to a demon is not always pre planned per se… Circumstances pushed them into being demons in some instances :
P. S : For the purpose of this article, the word “demon” is not gender subjective except specified. So it would apply to both male or females till expressly stated. 

Now Read this :

Nobody can see the bad blood but you

Your heart feels like glass shattered within itself

Like a thousand arrows shot at a target!

If falling in love is bliss, then falling from love is toture

For a heartbreak is a coma of the soul

culled from  “You took it with you!” – Kitara 

I know that a player (male or female) is a player and there is no justification for playing, but some people do not at the onset of their emotional journey in life to be bad, but people and events cause a negative turn around. 
Grab some popcorn;  Let me talk to you about a girl  (long read :

Catherine (not real name). She was a really sweet girl who started dating her first boyfriend shortly after her secondary school graduation. She loved him in every way she could understand love and did all that she could do to please him and make him happy.  

She would try her best not to offend him and this very pretty girl (I must add) stayed faithful till her 100 level in the university.  She made the top 10 hottest  female freshmen in her time. This girl remained faithful despite the throng of guys  round about her even into second semester  when the handome, tall, dark, boyfriend of hers named Adebayo (not real name), started misbehaving and taking her for granted.  He rarely called and would not pick her calls even though their relationship  was long distance. She would leave missed calls and he would not call her back.  

Whenever they eventually talked on phone,  he would sound tired and churn out excuses that he did not have months ago and she would ask him what the problem was and if she had done anything wrong; but the answer was a basic no! She would be worried and bothered half of the time; yet she stayed faithful! 

Whenever she travelled back home, where he was also resident in, he would turn down her offers to visit or hang out. He would not check on her neither did the calling improve.  She got bothered and tired of waiting for him and decided to visit him to ask him straight up if he was tired of the relationship or if she did not appeal to him anymore and that they should work things out if he was still interested. . 

As usual she went to his house not empty handed, but with food,  fruits and a bucket full of apologies and hope. ALL THE WHILE, BOYS WERE THRONGING AND FALLING OVER, BUT MY GIRL WAS ALL SAYING NO NO NO NO, IT IS BAYO. (Sadly, the guy was yoruba.sighs.  Stop embarrassing us by cheating, for those of you involved!!!  )

She went to his house and no, she did not meet him in bed with another woman, she did not even meet him, but the neighbor, her secondary school senior who was nice enough to tell her that if she loves herself she should move on because she is a nice girl. He categorically told her that he had not seen her around in a while, so he assumed that they were over.

He then told her about the girl that visited her Adebayo regularly  and he was involved with. The same Adebayo that was her first kiss and custodian of all her sexual experience. The Adebayo she would have moved heavens to please. The Adebayo that she had learnt to please under the sheets despite her upbringing because she told herself that if he would be faithful to her alone, she would have sex with him and did so often as beckoned upon. He had promised her he loved her and she was going to marry him.  He had told her he would never fall in love with anybody else or get over because she was his one and only true love,  so she held on to this. 

My friend that had discarded every notion of suggested cheating by her friends and said that there was no way he would be cheating on her; so she still refused to give up. He was the love of her life and She said BAYO had been good to her and she was not going to leave him. To cut the long story short, She eventually saw text messages and chats and pictures  that showed that he had been absolutely unfaithful to her and when she confronted him with evidence he did not deny or argue, but said she could leave if she wanted that she was beneath him!! He did not even apologise; he said he did not love her any more and this other girl made his world spin and was the love of his life😠😬:?😑

This girl cried out her eyes and even tried to fix things… but he said he was done with her… The poor child. She was never after his money, just his love… 

By time, Catherine resumed into 200 level 😈😈, the sweet girl had shedded off the good girl skin and was obviously the player!  She would date 3 men at a time and collect serious money and leave them heartbroken .  Some would even come knowing that she was not intrested in a proper relationship and beg her to settle down with them that they would take care of her, but she would laugh out of their lives and move on. 

She had “friends” that would somehow  end up catching feelings for her and beg her to settle down with them, but my dear girl was dead inside.Het close friends  moved from telling her to stop sleeping with BAYO before to now begging her to stick with one guy.  The worst part were the good boys that “fell in love” with her that she used and dumped without remorse. Most times She did not even sleep with them, but took enough money from them which they were somewhat willing to give. 

She was pretty, charming, attractive, but the demon herself and whenever friends tried sitting her down she would say “ Forget!  No man deserves love… They don’t know what love is…  ”  

She would then laugh and tell them that; she could add jazz to the matter, that if she was really wicked, she would use “thier glory” as she would put it but she was just out to have fun.  She said if it counted for anything she practiced safe sex and determined who she has sex with, and she could not get pregnant because she low-key does not believe in abortions. 

Let me state that she never dressed trashy, but always polished, she never really did wear casuals, but dressed in corporate knee lenght skirts. She did not show cleavage, but had sleek makeup and any man would deem himself lucky to have her. She looks like wife material 1ooo yards, but she had turned savage! 

She never got a bad name because she only dated rich working class men in different states and did not necessarily sleep with every single one . She  would just wake up one morning and dump a guy who had done nothing wrong who might have been dreaming of marraige and babies . She eventually graduated on a second class upper and went on to do her masters. She never got caught cheating also. 

I don’t know what’s up with her now as our friendship has waned strongly  and we are in different parts of the world… but if someone had told me that Catherine would go savage and become a player… I would have said no. 

P. S: Adebayo was a demon and while I cannot state what made him a demon;  A lot of men get their hearts broken as boys and become demons stating that they never want to be played ever again. 

I’m just saying “stop messing around and stay faithful!!  Stop creating demons out of angels… No gender is precluded from the ricocheting pains from a bad relationship. 

If you are with a sweet innocent girl.  Age is not the prerequisite. Try to be good to her and if you have a good man, treat him right. MOST DEMONS HAVE AN ANGELIC PAST!! 

Thank you. 
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  1. ninaperdido says:

    Bimidiah, Bimi, Bimi💞, this is wonderful, so wonderful you got me hooked….so hooked I am sitting on a chair in the Central Market and awaiting my roasted yam….. Heaven knows you can write… Thank you for being you.👍👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My Nina!!! My Nina!!
      How are you?
      Your comments are the icing on the cake and highlight to make up for posts… Thank you so much for reading!!! 😊😀😁😆

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Abe says:

    Amazing. Purely amazing👑👑. Sadly Demons cant be rid off so easily, cos the cycle will go on and on and on. Phew! Breathtaking post by the way. Gotta share this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi.
      Abe, it has been quite a while.
      How are you?
      Thank you for your comment
      The cycle is a big problem! It is a bitter continuous trend that follows its victims and them into predators
      May God help us!


  3. Abe says:

    Hey..yeah been quite busy. I’m very well thank God.


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