LET’S BE CANDID !  It Is Not That Deep. 

I am tired of hearing of love stories gone wrong. 

If you know anything  from my previous posts.  You would know that I am not a fan of dying for love… Die  for romantic love, kwa? Read the Definition of deep. 

My life-defining mantra and principle  is that nothing is ever compulsory. Like nothing is…. except  making heaven ofcourse and that is my eventual home. 

See,  Christ died because of love! What shall it profit you to die for someone!! 

Okay, what happens when a loves one leaves you willingly or not : Break up or divorce, Death (natural or unnatural causes, Cheating (You discover you were not the only one, Public break up, etc. 

These things happen!  But however you feel about their death or break up, these are things you should NOT do :

1) Suicide :

PLEASE IT IS NEVER BY FORCE!!!  Death is an inevitable end to our earthly life, so why die? It is never by force!   I think suicide is a wrong thing to do at all, whatever the reason is! But when it is because of heartbreak or cheating or relationship drama, then it is just straight up dumb! Please, if your boyfriend/girlfriend/ fiancee/fiance of many years leaves you, dumps you at the altar, leaks your nudes (which I don’t advise you to send in the first place ) or your sex tape (which I don’t advise you to make in the first place), cheats on you with your best friend or relative!!!  Committing suicide is never the answer!!  

I know you might feel worthless and food might not taste the same, but trust me, ending your life is a sad way to fix things. It might not be easy that this person of your dreams or guy that you have carried out abortions for or this person you have invested your time and money in, has left you. Just like that. But please, this is why I say your  value should never be placed in a human being because while trust is important people fail and people die! 

If your spouse kicks the bucket, it’s a lot to take, but deliberately following them is definitely not the way forward! 

So before you buy poison to drink  or hang yourself, I really think you can divert the energy or emotions into positive activity. Move out to a new area, travel if you have the money -Spend time with God and his word!  Pay more attention to your career– 

2) Depression :

“Where are you?  Where are you?   

I miss you and the sound of your laugh that bounces off walls 

I miss your touch and scent and skin

Nothing feels the same without you

Water tastes like sand, please 

The sky is grey and the day is dark 

Come back to me, my smile. “

– Kitara 

In a traditional society like ours, until modern times a lot of denial was accustomed to the idea of  depression, BUT too many people are struggling with this problem now; so there is better awareness!! 

Please, Depression can kill you! Depression can destroy! It’s a pit you do not want to fall into! 

When a loved one dies or breaks up, even if you have done blood covenant and soul-tied yourself to each other; please, pick up every tiny piece of yourself and be joyous… I know I make it sound so simple, but it is basic… Do not think yourself into depression, don’t stare at pictures, cry in their big t-shirt, visit the places you used to go. While I fully understand that it takes time to get over a person, dead or alive and it hurts tofeelleft alone.

 You have to take charge of your emotions and speak to your spirit, soul and body that the world has not ended. 


Unnecessary p.s. : This applies to the living patners alone, obviously 

CHAI!  This is not the way at all!  Stalking is wrong  and not a joke! 

Do not stalk them; it won’t make you feel better! It can become addictive and lead to something  else. If you need to unfriend them on Facebook or block them on any social media platform… If that is what you require to heal!!  Then do that… But do not try to find out what they are up to or see how his/her current relationship is going!  It would hurt and it’s fine, but focus your energy on other things!!.. 

Don’t stand outside their house at night or at anytime!! Do not Text them or repeatedly waylay them in public or visit their offices or call all their family members or relatives or beg them like your life depends on it! 

Ps: For marraige, if you were at fault, you can do all this!! 


I like strong people o!  I do!  I love people that can be strong…. 

If someone you love dies; it’s justified to cry! 

If someone you love breaks up with you, cry! 

If you miss them; cry! Are you stone?  Stones can break set! So why macho?? 

But being strong is not about pretending to be perfect or not showing weaknesses or flaws… You are human automatically means you have emotions… JESUS WEPT!!  GOD IN FLESH wept and you are doing “I would not cry. I don’t care. “

If a loved one dies or leaves you!  Cry as much as you need to… Don’t cry into No 2 as mentioned above, but cry… it’s a form of therapy; cry very well and ease the burden of your chest. It would feel better after!  Don’t form MACHO OOOO. 

For people who like to form strong, cry in the bathroom or at night or at the altar in your church… Vent out, act up,  people would understand or they might not, but for your own safety!! 

Thank you for reading!! 

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I should post “it’s not that deep pt 2 ”

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Bimidiah cares! 


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Pribodunke says:

    All these words of advice has been penned. Thank you Dunmo


    1. You are welcome, Bolu mi
      Thank you for reading, too

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ninaperdido says:

    Beautifully written. Amazing advice. Love ain’t by force, Love doesn’t destroy….💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, My Nina!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Kay says:

    Just remember someone now…😢😢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Part 2 coming up soon


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