Seek Me – KITARA 


I will not speak of your lips that taste like honey

Or the melody of your laugh that makes me smile.

Or the look in your eyes when you want me

Or the restraint you exercise when I need you to

Or your desire to fulfil all my unsaid yearnings

Or your faithfulness that validates your jealousy

I will not speak of your hands and their power

Or your mouth and it’s spell of pleasure

I would remember not your warmth and strenght

The hardness of your chest or weight of you

The slow weakening you bring to my bones

The heat and fire you give to my hungry  blood

I will not speak of your power over my mind

Nor will I boast of my power over yours

I will move on from you, the only source of my moans

I will forget you….

I will want you and die of thirst of you

But I will not return, for you have not sought me! 

About the Author 

Kitara is a poet in her twenties  who loves writing and art free of condemnation. She breathes poetry,  half of the time! 
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  1. ninaperdido says:

    It’s the one part of writing I love but can’t do. Very Nice💞

    Liked by 1 person

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