When you were born
No one took pity on you
Then I saw you squirming in your blood
You were covered with blood
But I wouldn’t let you die
I made you grow like a healthy plant
You grew strong and tall and became a young and magnificent being
Your body was perfect
But you were naked
As I passed again
I saw that it was time
For you to fall in love
I covered your naked body
With my coat and promised to love you
Yes! I made a marriage covenant with you and you became mine
Then I took water and washed the blood off you
I rubbed olive oil on your skin
I dressed you in beautiful and expensive clothes
And gave you shoes of the best leather
I also gave you a crown to wear
As a sign of my unending love for you
I gave you bread from the best flour
Your beauty was dazzling
And you became a queen
You became famous in every nation
For your perfect beauty
Because I made you so lovely
I did all these because I love you so much
I will even do much more than these little things
All I just ask for is your heart
To love and trust me
Let me guard your fragile heart
and let your desires be set on me
And I promise you
The best things you have yet to experience

This is a love letter from your loving husband, 

About The Writer 

The name’s Fiyinfoluwa Adegoke. A graduate of anthropology from UI, and a graphic enthusiast.

 A God Lover who is also an unapologetic giver.

Reference: Ezekiel 16


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  1. Wow! Beautiful!!!. I kept reading trying to know where it was going and behold it was beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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