No Misandry;  All Reality – BIMIDIAH

To say that it be in the nature of a man to cheat

Be an overture we should never give a worthy seat

Among ideas of general acceptance and support

Else, it would simply serve as an official passport 

For the meager minded headless chicken males 

who would no longer need excuses or fabulous tales

To validate their harebrained expressions of inadequacies 

It would also give rise to a rationalisation of misguided idiosyncrasies

For it is in the nature of a fish to live in water

No beautiful land, lush, safer and fertile would impress or matter

Nature is innate, usually different from what is intended 

Yet, it is sometimes distinct from what is expected

Nature is usually beyond one’s control or demand

It is like asking Lions to eat or swallow sand

I will not fail to admit that some things are common

But that a thing is trending, does not crown it right, come on

Do not confuse the shovel with a spade

Drag the weak, the conformist and the lazy from the excuse shade

It is the nature of a man to produce sperm

And the woman to release ovum in due term

That is nature; unfaithfullness is NOT the nature of a man or woman 

BUT! Freewill, yes freewill is resident in each and every human

Yes, so it’s your apparent choice, tough or not, to make

To be faithful or not, is your decision to take. 

– King Jesudunmo longe  (Bimidiah

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