Chronicles Of Itunu 12 – Final Episode of the Birthday Party 

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Continued from Episode 11 

The rain suddenly got heavier, so people started coming back into the house and leaving the pool area. Some guys carried the speakers into the room and they continued playing music inside. Some people remained outside playing another stupid  game. She put her phone back in her bag and closed her eyes. This was the worst day ever; she concluded in her mind as she reclined into the cushion and yes the worst had happened.

Alcohol in her system sent panic through her mind. So rather than stay awake. She felt sleeping would be the best remedy, so she called forth sleep and let her self go. 

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ………………………


Episode 12

“Jesus!” some girl screamed from outside. 

Itunu’s eyes flung open. 

She felt groggy… She was not sure if she had dozed off or not.  A big ache hit her forehead. 

“Who is this alarmist, Nitori Olohun!? ” Itunu asked herself

Everybody that had come inside had rushed outside.

“What was going on? ” she wondered 

She picked up her phone to check the time and she saw that the message she had sent to Chiamaka, did not deliver.

Her clothes were doomed OFFICIALLY . 

She hissed. 

She also saw two messages from Gloria that just delivered saying that her line was unreachable.

The first one read : ” Babe, your line is not reacheable.. But guess what? I am at your favorite restaurant! YAAY!  Sorry;  had hitches getting here… What would you like to eat?”

The second stated that :

“Still not reachable. But, I decided to buy rice, because it was cooking when i arrived; so i decided to wait. HOT!! ..  Reply NOW.”

Gloria had sent this message like twenty minutes ago, but it just delivered.People were murmuring outside. She was feeling a bit woozy, so she staggered and got up to find out what had happened.

A crowd had already gathered round at the scene. 

“What was going on? ” She wondered. 

She hoped nobody had drowned or gotten electrocuted-

Despite her light headed state, she was curious. 

She pushed past the throng of bodies till she got to the centre of attraction and her hand went to her mouth when she saw  why the girl shouted. 

There was someone lying there unconscious. 

She stood there looking like others… She was in shock.. 

Not so far from the body, an overturned pack of rice and its content including two big pieces of chicken, splattered all over the pool side. 

“Oh God! ” she said with her voice muffled against her palm as blood started spread slowly and met with water on the floor, making a bigger mess. 

Quick medical care was neccesary! 

Gloria was a medical student, so she would be of tremendous help   Where was she now? She had to see this. 

She was not a medical student, so she could did not know what to do to help… 

Her head was pounding harder. 

“It must have been the slippery floor o… Eeyah” A girl murmured behind Itunu. 

“Sam! Where is Sam?? ” Some people were screaming and it really was not helping matters.. 

“Do you know her? Who is she?  ” Some people started asking… and the absolute response was a no. 

 “No. I don’t know her” Itunu replied when someone asked her. Her hand was still over her head. 

 “Let’s help her now. ” She said and moved closer to the girl.  

“Me o… I heard when something like this happens you are not meant to touch the body… ” A girl who had been chewing gum all day said. 

“So we should leave her lying there??? ” The guy who had playing the role of the disc jockey retorted.. 

“Can we just help her. ” Itunu said

She ignored them and moved closer to see what she could do. 

She noticed that she recognized the top the person was wearing. 

It was very similar to Gloria’s own. 

She shook her head and went round to check the face of the girl.

 She was stunned when she saw the face. This person was not wearing Gloria’s crop top! 

It was Gloria herself! 

Wait! She must be dreaming!

It’s  the alcohol… 

“Wake up! ITUNU…. It’s  all in your head… ” She said to herself. 

First pinch! Second Pinch! She was still awake! 

She tapped her face twice… screaming ” no no no” and shaking her head. 

“Why is this one beating herself, bayii? “The guy asked.


“Ha! ” Itunu shouted…  “I know her! ” 

“Gloria! ” Itunu shouted and knelt down beside the body with the speed of light.

“No! No! No! No! ” She started screaming.. 

“I know her!! I know her! Somebody help!  ” She screamed.. 

“Gloria wake up! Her name is Gloria” The tears started flowing freely

It should have occurred to her when she saw the rice but, she was not thinking straight. 

 “Jesus. What happened?” She shouted amidst sobs..  touching her and wondering where she was bleeding from.

 She tried to think of whatever she might have read on first aid… She could not think.. Her head was still pounding in all this. 

“What are you standing and looking at! Call an ambulance. Get a car!” She said and started crying profusely.. .


“Is she not dead?  ” The girl who had been arguing  with the boy beside her said… 

Itunu looked up with tears in her eyes.  “Abi ori iya eleyii fe baje ni? It is you that will die! ” she screamed “Idiot! “

“Sorry o! Nawa! ” The girl said. “Oya let’s carry her. “

She tried to check her pulse the way people did in movies- She felt something and knew her heart was beating. 

“Stay with me,  Gloria. Lord please help!. ” Itunu said and motioned to dial 911 on her phone, hoping it would work

Just then some boys came in playing loud music from the gate. 

All their shouting  and laughing dissolved into silence when they saw the crowd gathered 

“Where have you been? “The DJ guy asked. 

“We went to pick up the food  with Sam. “One of them said. 

“What is going on here? Did somebody drown?” Sam said, appearing from behind.. “Itunu there is food now… “

“Forget the food” She said. 

Itunu got up or she tried to, upon hearing Sam’s voice… but the next thing she knew, she could not as  the whole place started spinning round…. 

She dropped back to the ground beside her.. 

“We need to take her to the hospital ” she said weakly 

Time was running out. 

What was wrong with her? 

She was hearing voices in the background calling out her name.  

She tried to get up and stand, but she could not. Her head was spinning. 

She could not talk. She was too dizzy. 

She struggled to get up and stood on her feet as the boys lifted Gloria and carried her to the car. Itunu tried to walk and follow them,  but felt like she was about to fall back to the ground 

Sam ran to her and held her before she could fall. 

“Happy Birthday, Sam.” she managed to whisper.

 The shock on Sam’s face was the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes and passed out. 

Finally she knew and even Sam could agree that today… His birthday… was the worst day ever and the worst had happened! 

………………………………………………………………. End of the Birthday Party    

Chronicles Of Itunu continues soon

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