Fashion/Style Post : How to wear your SDD. 

This is a fashion post. 

Actually not really….. It is just me showing off my fine dress… lol… and talking about how you can show off yours… lol… Actually, that is what a fashion post about… showing off – style… with style. 

It is the dinner date look – Short dress look. 

S D D means Short Dinner Dress 

In the picture above,  I am holding the jacket over my hand….. That is one way to  adorn the dress… Carrying a jacket, you would not wear. 

NOTE: This dress is dinner date appropriate, but it’s capacity to show cleavage is somewhat  much; so where the human factor comes in is me using a pin to pull  together the dress; so it does not unnecessarily show what  I’d prefer covered. 

It is a Short dress…. Obviously  that is what this post is about. 

At the end of the day, it depends on the wearer and what you’re comfortable  with and of course what your spouse is comfortable with if you are married.  

P.s. :  I think it is essential that you dress up and have date nights even when you are married … Just saying… 

Next picture is the dress without the blazier and with basic flats- Simple, no drama

You could do this  and wear a simple necklace and bam! !  You could go to the movies and fit into any casual party. 

But don’t come and be shy.. Don’t wear what you would be uncomfortable in.. 

Be free.. 

As free as free can get and maybe, just maybe nobody would pay attention to the lenght… 

My advice is that you keep the short, fitted dresses for indoor parties and like this post is focused on – Dinner dates with the girls; with the friends;  or with bae. 

Back to the dinner date look – Yes, I love blaziers and jackets. Even my “Cafotra” look had a blazier… Click here

Without the blazier, you can still have some flair

But  if you want to be proper; get the blazier 

I think it just brings the edge…. 

My dress is long-sleeved,  so I did not bother wearing the blazier on it. 

I just draped it over and let it hang.. 

That was me just posing… And yes you can form shy with a blazier on…  


Guys do this jacket thing a lot… lol. 

This is the full  ensemble with heels et al

This is the full ensemble plus me looking far more  skinny than I really am and  standing like a fish. I am actually skinny and proud -lol (point is that don’t take yourself too seriously (all the time)

Yup… I like taking pictures outdoors.. 

“This is the “Mum, I want to poo look. Above ”

I will end with this : Apart from looking good. There are certain things you should observe at dinner dates and party… 

  • Don’t come late…. It’s rude to keep people/your date waiting. 
  • Please do NOT wear too much perfume… 
  • Be considerate when ordering… 
  • Make Good Use of Your Napkin . Place your napkin in your lap immediately upon sitting down. Unfold it while it is in your lap. 
  • Excusing Yourself: Don’t just get up and leave, you can simply say “excuse me, please; I’ll be right back” when leaving for the restroom.
  • Turn off or silence all electronic devices before entering the restaurant. If you forgot to turn off your cell phone, and it rings, immediately turn it off/silence. Do not answer the call. 
  • Observe proper passing etiquette
  • If you have more than a few words to say, swallow your food,rest your fork on your plate , and speak before you resume eating

So however you want to wear your short dinner dress; with heels or with flats;  with the draped blazier /jacket or without; with a large necklace or without… Just make sure.. You are comfortable…

And chances are you would be more comfortable if you have a car for transportation from your house to the venue.. whether a taxi  (drop), yours or your date.. reduces the awkwardness or people staring… Just be comfortable… 

The next picture is me just being dramatic 

Ps: I get cold easily and most restaurants are cold, so I always carry a blazier  (even to the movies ) . 

Extra p.s: I was at a dinner for 8 at a nice restaurant on Sunday evening and I forgot to carry my jacket… I was not cold.. I was not uncomfortable in this dress and I was happy… but then I was with friends that I have known for years… It could be different  with strangers or on a romantic date… Success when you try out your short dinner dress… 

  • Photo Credit : Adejoju Aluko
  • Dress : French connection 
  • Shoes : A gift from Kemi 
  • Bracelet :Gift from Mary Ademola Afuye
  • Necklace : Click here

Thank you for reading.. I can fly away now… 

I hope it was fun… 

How do you think the little dinner dress should be worn? 

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