Murphy, Sod and Finagle? 

               Murphy, Sod and Finagle are the head names of three laws that I subconsciously or somewhat consciously lived by for a long time in my life and here is what the laws state:

Murphy’s law is an adage which states that “if anything can go wrong, then it will.” It is colloquially referred to and closely related to as Sod’s law.

Sod’s Law is the principle that states that “what can go wrong, will go wrong.”(Usually with some observed degree of irony.) 

Finagles law is the principle that states that ” if anything can go wrong, it would go wrong at the worst possible moment.”

Pessimistic much right? 

Well, for an overthinking; mostly pessimistic;  negative minded person like me. It was almost like there was some silent followership between me and these laws without even struggling in my life. I think over the years,  my mother helped me think positive and better;  but I usually I did not believe in the greatest and best things happening to me. 

I was not the Over The Top negative person that is almost or actually suicidal and thinks  all the bad “what if’s“that can occur on the planet will happen to them. Like death, accidents and all the evils –  even natural disasters! Without Just Cause! 

My old personal law was : Expect Nothing;  So no dissapointments; Assume the worst and nothing would shock you.  Don’t  expect good, so when good does not happen;  “well, it’s not like I expected it… “; so it does not hurt (much)… but if it comes; then okay-great… 

I really believed that this was the true way to live happily. A small part of me also believed that if you look at emotional relationships and friendships this way,  then ups and downs in such relationships would not affect you so much. From cheating, to not passing exams,  to personal flaws, to mentors, to break-ups,  to goals… think negative; so if it does not work out… oh well.. I did not put all my hope in it. 

But the TRUTH,  I have come to realise is that :

1) Whatever is destined to happen, would happen when you think it and take steps to seeing it happen. 

2)If every time you thought of something  bad happening to you;  it happened…  chances are you would not be standing, breathing and reading this.   


If the worst case scenario we conjured in our minds, actually  manifested every single time, then ALL global warming predictions would have come to pass and so many bad predictions would have happened … After all said and done;  the world did not end in 2016. 


Before I lose you in my  rambling;  let me round up by saying : THINK Positive…  Dream big… Aim high… Pray hard…  Love hard…  Go all out.. Be as joyous as you can afford to be. TRY  AGAIN and Again and again..  WHY?

 because YOU CAN and because it’s  FREE to not worry. It’s free to dream and want… 

That you; Your Loved One(s) would survive that sickness and they would not die. Your marriage or your parent (s) or friend’s marraige would not scatter( and they can get back together )That you would not lose that job or fail that course…. why ?  because you can be positive. 

And what if it does not work?  SO??  Just make sure you do all the good within your Power to make it work and leave the rest to God… Don’t raise your blood pressure. 

Besides; it’s a new month… and I’m thinking positive, living happy. PLEASE JOIN ME 

P. S: February was somehow; but remember My Resolution And Click Here

Bimidiah Cares

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Happy  New Month! 


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