CAFOTRA – My tag, my style – Now that is fashion. 


CAFOTRA is the name I coined for a mix up of CAsual, FOrmal  and TRAditional. I think it’s  awesome. Men can try it too. 

This is a weekend outfit. Something different  for work on Fridays. Mix your formal office blazier with traditional and casuals. It is not so formal, except you are sitting down  and no one would see what you are wearing waist down. 

Nothing says casual like jeans.  If your work place does not allow jeans, Your CAFOTRA look does not have to be jeans. To be safe, don’t wear bright colored jeans, but  the ones with minimal pockets,  little details and no zips would be okay for work. 

For outings,  seminars or informal meetings without a dresscode.  To the movies,  classes, on dates and you could always  take of the blazier/jacket  and  go casual if you feel overdressed when out with your friends. 

LADIES, You do not have to wear heels. The heels are block heels,  so easy to walk in and if you are not so tall, It’s preferable you do heels for work. Flats would do too,  even sneakers.  It is CAFOTRA afterall. 

I’m not the typical person. 

(I am taking pictures in the Bush… I am not coy about the fact that I’m  different.)

I like a lot of things. 

And I like mixing them  up together. I don’t play dress up…  I dress up. Sometimes I play. 

Laugh if people make jest of what you are wearing. Just laugh. Except if it is actually funny and laughable, if it is, dissapear,  enter the toilet or run home. 

It’s  just a mix up of regular things to make you look special. 

You have to believe you are special though. 

This is my Bimidiah CAFOTRA look. I did not use earrings… Do what works for you. 

For CAFOTRA, You can mix up the following:

  • Your Ankara trousers with a proper shirt and a Jean jacket. That would be daring. 
  • Traditional jacket, formal shirt and jeans
  • You can mix up everything. 
  • Choose an Ankara necktie or bow tie. 
  • Tie and dye prints as your blazier/jacket,  skirt or top would be sleek. 


  1. Make sure you choose appropriate colours. 
  2. Nothing says casual more than jeans. 
  3. Make sure you have one basic colour. 
  4. If one material is pattern/prints, be careful with the rest. 
  5. For work, let your blazier be the  formal piece… (For the permissive workplace.)
  6. If you are going to work,  no slippers or sandals. Wear shoes. 
  7. Take your jacket off before you die of heat.  
  8. Sometimes, it is really not what you wear. It is how you wear it.      

Quick history

The top was gotten by my mum for me when she travelled to Jerusalem.but they are made in India.  Ankara, lace, guinea would do,  anything traditional  with prints… Yeah dans(h)iki would do.. 

The blazier/jacket was gotten by my elder sister.. it used to be hers, before she gave me. The designer is not English.  The name is not even written  in Arabic numerals. I’m  sorry. Lol. 

The jeans were gotten by me over a  year ago. I like them because they are somewhat vintage.  I cut their bottoms off so they could work with my boots back then. Looking back now and remembering that it still came out of my boots… I don’t  think it was the smartest  idea

Be joyous. Happiness comes from within. 

Challenge : Please, try out a CAFOTRA look and take pictures,caption them “my cafotra look”, upload them on instagram,  with #Bimidiah  and tag me @kjd_lautitiaazurevents (just search for Jesudunmo, my name would pop.) Lets have fun. 

With plenty Love, 💕💕💓💓💗💗




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  1. I would definitely try the daring CAFOTRA look soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bolu.
      Do not forget to #Bimidiah “My CAFOTRA look” @kjd_lautitiaazurevents..


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