Through the years I have lived I still get confused of what the word “Friend” is. I have made little researches and with all series of definitions I have found it still seems that the word is inexplicable to me. I find it little complex giving it a specific definition, because all the definitions I came across doesn’t really apply to my own definition of friend.

Diverting little bit into my complex way of life. I really don’t know how to keep friends but I think that I’ve changed over time and I might have improved with maybe 1%, I’m not really sure. I can’t proudly say I still make contact with some of my primary school or secondary school mates, although some are my friends on Facebook but I think Facebook friendship is one of the most “shitty” definitions of friendship, no offence to Facebook friends or lovers, but it’s unimaginable. I can’t really make friends with those I see daily and I speak with, let alone those I’ve not seen before, so I can’t really comprehend making a strong bond with someone I haven’t met. 

Unfortunately I’ve seen those who started relationships on Facebook and ended up in marriage, it’s kinda cool, but truthfully this can’t work for me. Excuse me if I have ever made relationship request to you on Facebook, it was out of lust, infatuation, or teenage emotions. And I can arguably say most online relationships started off with those three mentioned feelings.

Driving you back to the main point, this is not about Facebook relationship or some people’s love life, that’s a story for another day. I’m easily attached to people, and I get along with people easily, as long as there is no breach in communication, before you know it people will know one or two people with me and they started calling us friends, whereas I might not even thought of them as friends. 

In my secondary schools days, we’re just these three musketeers we literarily do everything together, but ask of them today, I can’t tell where exactly they are, I only have contact of one, and we don’t even speak, our conversations is like that of the appearance of a rainbow. Sometimes, I think I’m at fault, I think I don’t do enough to keep them, but are they doing enough to keep me? Maybe we all have issues. Loosing friends most times starts with “he’s not asking after me, why should I?”, “I called her last, she should reciprocate my gestures” these are normal girls excuses right? 

Yea I know, but guys secretly have these issues too. Its normal these small excuses come to play in relationships but friends should easily gather these pieces together and get along, unless you’re not even friends in the first place. This brought out the question of who really is a friend and what can we call friendship? Or should we just agree people come and go, nobody can stay permanently in one’s life, but how come some people are still friends for over a decade and it’s not a marriage, how come?…



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