We’ve all had those times
When we found love and
We thought it
Wise to go slow.

But the love seeds
Became like the Jack’s
Beans stalk.
Biggened overnight.

And then we climbed
All the altitude
At light’s speed.
After a lil’ while we split.

Assured everyone and
Anyone our early
Arrival was because we were
Afraid of heights

Deceiving them like we
Did to ourselves 
Delightely we had together
Devoured our forever in a day.

Suddenly we couldn’t stand the
Sight of our lover, for
Seeing them made us nauseous
Strange for they smelt of regret. 

Similar to Adam’s and Eve’s story
Scales uncovered a little late, now
Standing in the middle of the city
Still, Our love tree shedding daily.

Shelter once, now Shadows.
Stolen water though
Sweet, morphs to gravel in mouth.
Sure we learned all this.

Cephas and I.

BY Ioudas-Wright. (Judah). 
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