BIMIDIAH’S DIARY 📖 – 25th January, 2017. 

“Get your priorities right. ”

“Put God first. ”

In everything,  put God first. He should be the centre of everything  you do.  Your life should revolve around him. 

This was the crux of bible study today. And it was awesome. 

Our teacher was Teacher Jesuferanmi. 

God is independent of you.  Humans have come and gone on this earth, but God has remained God and while he loves fellowship with us.  His existence  is not dependent  on us, but ours is dependent on him. We are a lump of clay that God as a potter can properly mould.  It’s either God is first or he is not God in your life. Some things are replaceable;  Work, Spouse and even children as important  as they are. BUT GOD IS NOT.. So do not joke with the real things in the world… 

-Teacher Jesuferanmi

 Don’t place your decision first, but God’s decision. Young people have an issue with decision making and it is essential to put God first…  – Pastor  Emmanuel 

If you put God first, you won’t have service at a particular time and get invited to a social function at that time and choose the social function. Let people know that God is first and the things of God are paramount.  Not even food should come between you and God. – Pastor Taiwo

My contribution:

According to Economics,  man needs food, shelter and clothing, but human wants are insatiable.  Too many things compete for man’s time… work, money, spousal attention,  friendships,   academics  and children as the case may be.. if you pay  too much attention  to one, others might suffer.Man seeks to have it all even when a balance does npt give satisfaction. 

Yet,  these things are somewhat important.  As many as they are, at the end of the day, man just has two hands and he still wants to have it all. He cannot do it on his own.  

The bible says seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness  and ALL other things shall be added to you – Matt 6:33  The bible also says with God, nothing shall be impossible -Luke 1:37

So if all otheer things will be added to you. Jesus gives you rest.. Place your two hands on him and watch him carry everything  with his sufficiency.He has the capacity to supply  ALL YOUR NEEDS. He said come unto me “all ye that labour and are heavy Laden, I would give you  rest”. He was not joking. 

 Jesus is the way, the truth and life. Without him,  you would  just keep seeking to fill a void  with everything  and nothing will do.  Nobody,  no sport,  job,  activty can fit into his place in our lives. 

He did not put you in second place  when he died on the cross. He put you first and gave his life. Above food, shelter and clothing that focus on  the physical. It is in God we can find wholeness, so let us focus on him. 

He is the author and finisher of our faith. If we don’t prioritize  him. Everything  else is a bubble, a facade and he is the only real thing in this world of decay and rust. You do not fit God into your schedule for your life. He is the reason you have the life and a schedule. 

Like the teacher said… An eternal God died for a man,  who lives for about 80 – 120 and yet knowing how little the time we have is, why juggle God in whatbwouls pass away. He is God… Treat him like you  know what that means…

 Bible study was awesome… 

P:s- If I seek God’s kingdom  and all other things are not added to me… I would still stick to him with my life, he already gave his… So it’s an active choice day by day.. To love him more dearly, seek him more clearly and  follow him nearly day by day..  Thank you God. 

Thank you for reading. 

Xoxoxoxo, 💕💓💞

With love boundless, 





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  1. ololade olajumoke says:

    Nice one bimidiah…am ur number one fan

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    1. Awwwwwn. Olajumoke Ololade… Thank you so much. Your comment means a lot to me. God bless you…

      Liked by 1 person

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