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As Samuel walked away,  Itunu was singing to God in her heart. She was super grateful to God that Samuel’s rich kid upbringing did not affect his ability to be traditional. 

“Amala! “…  She could write a poem about Amala.

She started in her head 

“What would I say about Amala….   It’s beautiful darkness and smoothness.  The pride of Africa. It’s unbeatable felefeleness.  Beautiful with any adornment.. but becomes royalty when crowned with glorious Abula. ” 

The way she was smiling on the outside.  One would think she was in love or thinking  about something special.. 

And oh no love was so better forged than what happens between her mouth and Amala.. It was special.. 

If it was not Amala..

Amala’s cousin,  wheat would do…But warmed wheat though.. Maybe he warmed the stew. At this stage, she would eat it even if it was cold. 

It could not be Iyan, king of swallow.  She shook her head. She would have heard sound of pounding or was It poundo yam.  It however occured to her that they might have made it before she arrived.  Who was she to test the ways of God? An unquestionable father.. A mysterious God.  Who would doubt him if he decided to crown her struggles with Iyan.  This day would be great

She took a moment to say a quick prayer…  “Lord Jesus, whatever happens  do not let it be Semo. “

Anything but Semo. To her,  Semo was pap. She was too hungry for that.. 

She put  her hands together in a soundless clap and rubbed them together… 

Her stomach started grumbling.  Where was Sam oo?  She was not going to ruin everything by shouting his name. Her stomach continued grumbling “Peace be still” She said,  placing her slender palm on her flat tummy. “Uncle Sam is coming. ”

She thanked God for Sam.  The guy had been so nice to her. 

He was so down to earth and cool sometimes. It was a pity she did not like him and she had spurned all his advances towards her. He was actually a nice guy. She knew this. Everyone that knew him could attest to this fact. As rich and popular as Samuel was, he was not one to discriminate against anybody and he was loved for it. 

He was really foreign with his outlook and that made giving him a chance out of the question. She was so touched right now. He had left all his guests to attend to her. She felt bad. She touched her chest. She stopped herself. Wait! Why was she feeling bad? What was she being all pitiful for? 

“Why all this softness, Itunu? She asked herself aloud. 

 It was then it hit her. That it could only be one thing… Food..  it was because of food.

 “Ha! Nitori Ounje. Because of food, Itunu, your life.” she said out loud to herself. Now she felt bad on another level. 

Where was the guy now?? 

Sam walked back inside the room with a small plastic table, set it down and placed the tray on it.

“You are not a bastard. ” she said to him, but he did not hear. 

 “Service worthy of a princess , enjoy yourself!” he announced and bowed. 

Oh the drama! The guy was too dramatic for a man. “Thank you.” She said.

“Chioma said she saw you. ” he said

“Yes. She did. She was really nice to me. ” Itunu said smiling.“You have really nice friends. ” She added. 

“Chioma can be nice sometimes. ” Sam said.  “She is cool though. A heavy drinker. She could be mean sometimes.  You don’t drink, right?”  Itunu  nodded in the affirmative. 

” I told her so. She is my ex-girlfriend. You would have seen the canned drinks she supplied in mass. The coolers are in the kitchen.” 

Itunu’s  jaw dropped. 

” Any idiot would easily think the coolers contained food in them. ” Samuel said laughing. “I think she did it in purpose. “He continued smiling, shaking his head. 

“It’s not  funny.People should not be decieved like that. ” Itunu wanted to say, but samuel said “Hush. Hush princess. Time to eat. ” 

She was not an Idiot. She would  deal with the Chioma issue later.It was time to eat. 

 “So where can I wash my hands?” She asked again, touching the cover plate in a bid to move it and view its contents. The plate was hot, so she removed her hand. 

Samuel had a confused look on his youthful face. 

“Err. You asked before and I thought I did not hear you right. Why do you need to do that? I don’t though and I do not think anybody does. ” Sam said. 

She paused to look at him with the most confused expression on her face; mirroring his facial expression. 

She  wondered why he was truthful about a habit that dirty. “But, you are supposed to wash your hands before you eat.” she said. 

She thought he was a really clean person. She could not hide her disappointment.  

“Well yeah. you are supposed to. But, really nobody actually does because nobody remembers to.” Samuel said

“Could I at least get cutlery then. A spoon or anything else ?” she asked. 

Itunu knew she was not the most polished person, but she could adhere to certain standards of hygiene. 

Sam stood there looking at her. 

“I would get it myself, then” she said and got up.

 She knew what the kitchen looked like, but they were in a different room than they were before, so she knew she would find her way after a while. 

Sam chuckled. 

“You are strange, I.T. Very strange.” He said. 

 She was too hungry for this so she started walking to the kitchen. Two men had laughed at her today on this hunger matter. It was not funny.  

She had walked halfway  when he said.“Itunu, quit being dramatic! “

“Nobody uses a spoon and washes their hands to eat Pizza!”He added rolling his eyes. 

 She stopped dead in her tracks and walked back to her seat. She sat down. She did not believe it.

 “Are you serious?” she said, pointing at the plate. She had the brightest plastic smile on her face. 

As she lifted the plate on top and saw it was indeed Pizza. The smile on her face deflated like a burst balloon. She struggled to return the smile. 

“ Pizza. It really is Pizza. Wow.” She said slowly, still maintaining the smile plastered to her face. 

Traditional indeed. She could cry now. 

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