“Hey. I.T.” Sam said. 

 Gloria just told me you are hungry. You must forgive me. I would get you some food now, but it’s a bit cold. So I would just heat it up a bit. You know,  to warm it up. I would be back now.” he said looking at her with a reassuring smile. 

“Ha! Heat ke? Bring it like that, joor! Which type of useless warm are you warming? Would I eat heat? ” Itunu screamed in her mind, but struggled not to say out.

 She tried to maintain her calm at the good news she had heard. “It’s absolutely fine.” she said instead and smiled weakly and decided to let him do what he wanted. Today might not be so bad after all. She told herself and sipped more punch. 

A girl walked into the room. She looked familiar. Remember me?  She asked. She sat down beside Itunu. Itunu scanned the pages of her memory. 

“I checked the room I directed you to.  I discovered  there was no food in the coolers. ” She said with a repentant  look on her face. 

“Oh I remember  you now.  It’s fine. You were just trying to help out. “Itunu said. 

“Are you sure it’s fine?  Thanks. Hope you have been able to get yourself  something  to eat Cus I checked round and there is no food.  I’m  Chioma, by the way. “She said. 

“Yes. My friend has gone to get me some food Thank you, Chioma. My name is Itunu, but people call me I. T” Itunu replied. 

“Yes. People like Sam.”Chioma said smiling. Itunu was mute. 

 “I know your name.  I know quite a lot about  you. He has said a lot about you. It is nice to finally meet you, Itunu. ” Chioma said while getting up. 

“Permit me to say. You are very beautiful.” She added. Itunu smiled. 

” I should go for a swim now.  Take care.  Your friend had better come soon. ” she said and left the room. 

Sam came back almost immediately with a covered plate on a tray, it looked heavy to Itunu the way he carried it. She was glad that some food had finally arrived. She could not hide her smile this time. “Thank you so much, Sam” she said as she got up to collect the tray

“Oh. No! Sit down. ” He said. “You must be very famished.” but Itunu heard “yuwhmuaustbieveriefamishishd”. 

 She could not ask him what he said. People type with space bar to aid understanding, so to Itunu, it was highly imperative that people spaced their words when speaking to aid understanding. She sat down as instructed. She wondered why there was no cutlery on the tray though. Maybe it was swallow, so there would be no need for cutlery. 

Her coming here had finally paid off. The day would not end so badly afterwards. The real her on the inside that nobody could see was dancing, but she stayed calm outside. As calm as calm could be.

“Where can I wash my hands?” She asked, ready to pounce on the Amala or whatever swallow it was. 

“Hold on. Hold on” Samuel said. “I know you are hungry, but let me get you a stool.”  He added and left the room with the tray, balancing it on one hand like a professional waiter at a restaurant. 

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