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 He had to be a demon. 

Did they ever look it? He looked like an angel. He had black-brown eyes that seemed to peer into her soul. She did not smile back at him, she let her brain do the smiling. She knew better. He brought out his hand to shake her, she shook him and her slim fingers almost disappeared in his firm handshake. “So, you know the celebrant?” He said. 

“Yes. I do. Are you not here for the party?”  She inquired. “No. I am not. Definitely not my scene.” he said. 

She was confused. She was not sure if it was because of his face or the way he was speaking, but to her, he was talking like he was older than everyone around here.

 “What was he doing here?” she wanted to ask, but she did not need to. 

He started explaining to her  “Funsho’s girlfriend bakes. So we came to deliver the cake. They should be back anytime from now.”  

He looked at his wristwatch. “We were on our way to practice, when she called that the celebrant’s house is on our route that we should help her make the delivery. Nonso and the birthday boy are friends though.” 

Itunu wondered who still says birthday boy in this age and time. Her stomach started to grumble. She could hear it as loud as thunder, but she was not about to let it grow loud enough for this man to hear. She would die of embarrassment.

 “Your friend does not seem to like us. Did we do something wrong?” He asked with a genuine look on his face. The guy should be an actor. What did he care? She smiled. 

“She is just not in the mood. You know. That happens”. 

Her stomach was roaring once again and this time, she was sure that he could hear. She did not want him to comment on it or be the one to end the conversation. He was smiling at her. 

He could hear her stomach growl. She wanted to disappear. She pretended like she could not hear it. 

Even if he was not being a gentleman, she would be a lady. So, with her dignity intact, she said “It was nice talking to you. I have to go. Bye.” she said. 

“Bye, Itunu.”

She heard him say as she entered Sam’s gate.

 She wondered if she should have waited longer to see if he would collect her number, but she felt if he had wanted to he would have. 

Her stomach was growling. He would think she was an olounje iya, a bloody glutton who only came for the food. How would he collect that type of girl’s number? 
It was true though. Right now, she could only think of food.

 All she needed to do now was eat. 

Upon getting inside, Gloria wasalready waiting for her in front of the house. It looked like she never left, but waited for her after shutting the gate. She was not sure.”let’s go inside” Gloria said. 

This time around, Gloria  took Itunu to a different room from the one they were staying before.  It also had a balcony leading to the poolside.  It had loads of cushioned chairs and a bowl of punch from which Gloria  fetched Itunu a cup of punch from the punch bowl, which she gulped down her throat and asked for more. She assumed Gloria would know she was not into drinking alcohol, so the punch was safe. Finally, there was something non- alcoholic in the odd house. 

“Let me go get you something to eat.” Gloria said and walked out of the room. 

Nonso and Funsho must have left the premises by now for Gloria to have been comfortable enough to leave. Itunu told herself . 

It meant a lot to her that Gloria was going to get her food. The fact that Gloria’s car was not with her meant that she would have to take a cab.  She felt bad. She toyed with the idea of going with her in her head, but banished that thought out of her mind after she remembered  that Gloria had cereal behind her back and was the reason she was stuck here, hungry. 

She was surprised that Gloria had not said anything about the episode outside. Was she angry? She would run after her to apologise, but she was quite tired.  She would have covered some distance by now.Itunu’s stomach growled.

Where was the cake these boys came to deliver? 

The cake would be in another room. She did not know why it had not been cut.  Samuel most probably had great plans for it and so did she. She imagined how it would taste?  What flavors would be inside. If he had any plans for dessert? Maybe Ice cream?  Her stomach grumbled louder. 

She got up and went to the punch bowl. She served herself some more punch to fill herself up.  The day could not get any worse, Itunu told herself.  So she made up her mind to enjoy herself as much as she could; she decided to have fun while waiting for Gloria to get back from where she went to get her some food. 

 So she found herself a nice seat near the punch bowl and continued drinking and humming to the song playing. There were a lot of cut out fruits in the punch which she took her time to chew on especially the pineapples. 

 Sam walked into the room with a towel around his neck.  Some errant droplets of water flowed down from his wet hair to his face,  giving them the semblance of sweatdrops.  He kept wiping  his face.  He had a bottle of Hennessey in his hand. The amount of booze made the whole place look like the scene of a music video shoot. He looked round the room like he was searching for someone or something and immediately he spotted Itunu on her seat; he started walking up to her. 

She had hoped it was not her he was looking for. She was not in the mood for anything she could not eat. But alas! She was wrong. It was her and had found her.  


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