Bimidiah’s warning : 

This is not a style post.  🙆🙅

I would post on fashion soon.. Those asking should use this as appetizer. Soon.. soon.. you would get your style post. 

I have not been posting in personal regard since I started the blog… So I just felt that I should do that for a change and this is about Sunday, 22nd January, 2017 and what I wore.  👅

I had cramps.💔. Minor…💟 So I woke up late and slept through family morning devotion.😦😦😦

Mummy Longe would never have let me, but as per monthly things… 😩😩

As a member of the choir, I dress according  to choir rules. The choir uniform was basically black gown. ❤👍

So, I did not pick out the dress yesterday.  I have a couple of black gowns in my wardrobe, so I just figured I would just pick this one that does  not need Ironing and go. 😗😌😌😋

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy😗

I had this one ((A)) and another one at the back of my mind, but this one was going to save me wearing a blazier all through. So I told myself That immediately I wake up.. I’ll  pick and wear. Like I had planned the morning out. 

For my mind 😆

That was still I woke up late… 😓

And it was not in my wardrobe… 😒

The other one was though.. 😕

But it was backless…😈 

Naah.. not to the house of the Lord😯😐😯😯😦

Searched and searched. 

Do not panic… Do not panic.. I told myself.. 

I was about to give up and seal my fate 

When I found it.. Yaaaaay.. 😆

Dressed up and Left for service. 💅

NO.. I was not late 😆😗

I could have been earlier 😆

I was at Sunday school  and it was awesome… 😇

 I had to rush bathe and I couldn’t  do much make up, but it did not turn out bad. Right?? 👼

TOOK pictures  afterwards… 📵


Confession: This is an unedited picture. Judge not my oily face.. I did not use powder and rush rush did not let me cream… *coversface* {I would do anything for God.. }

But I am still fine like that… Lol..  

Cropped versions are nicer. 

Caption: My guy bending to the side old school pose  (Would have been more obvious if I was in casuals. 

This one is edited.. I was going to upload it on instagram, but I ended up uploading another

 one where I was not smiling… It was not intentional… 

@kjd_lautitiaazurevents on INSTAGRAM

…………………. …      

Most importantly 

The message today was about making God and the things of God a priority [No 1] in our lives

1kings 17: 8-16 and removing idols Exodus 8:32 -38

Rom8:31 -39… Do read up.

 Service was AWESOME… 

I got back home after jumping, praying  and dancing in heels, I was tired.

After praise and worship dance and meetings after service.. 

I was super exhausted.No regrets though.. But the need to take pictures was deep. 😆😆😆

I got back home.  Refreshed in my spirit… but quite exhausted and I had to rearrange my wardrobe.. Took off the kaftan. 



You get a glimpse of the wardrobe  in the background… It is a fine mess.

The perfectionist in me just had to arrange. . 

Thank you for reading… 😙😘:roll:😚😓


A: K-Studio

B:Mom’s Turban


D:Thrown the pack away since… New years gift from mum. 

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  • Selfies by Bimidiah




    3 Comments Add yours

    1. I was certainly still excited about the way my birthday party went! Hmm, but I also knew I could certainly not wear any form of heels bcs my feet needed a break. And as I was attacked by mouth & gum militants. I had to take a long nap during service to numb the pain I felt…well its all better now. Thank God. Forgot to mention I can’t take too much of MY left over birthday cake & that’s even almost more painful!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Bolu 😀😀😀.. I am super happy that your party went awesome . Happy belated Birthday.
        On this heel matter, I had slippers under my chair in church. So I only wore heels when we were leaving the choir seat.. I took it off after pictures. I love heels though deeply…
        Sorry about your birthday cake, dear…
        Next year… lol. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT. 😀😁

        Liked by 1 person

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