CASE STUDY OF IFEOMA OJIAKOR whose husband,a serial wife beater dealt with on December 25. Some people do not have special days or holidays. It was a pre-boxing day  rehearsal literarilly! She  is alive,though and she can talk.

According to reasonable sources. SHE POSTED THIS ON HER FACEBOOK WALL.

“This is unacceptable This is my Ifeoma okeke Ojiakor story. Saddest Christmas ever!!! Lying down in pains on my hospital bed I’m writing this with tears flowing my eyes. I could remember on d 24th night I made a post on facebook sending out special greetings to everyone with d hope of having a merry Christmas with family,friends, and loved ones. My husband by name Mr Victor ojiakor was always fond of hitting me at any slightest provocation and this issue has been resolved at so many police stations…whenever I report d beating escapades they wud settle us at the police station and he wud be asked to sign undertaking never to hit me anymore.”

“He has even hit me at his village in d presence of his mother and father then reason being that he accused me of having an affair with his brother..His parents settled it after which he promised never to hit me again we reconciled mostly because of the kids ..after we returned back to lagos he hit me again while I was pregnant for our third child that I began to bleed.(What is Bimidiah’s advice ??)

i was rushed to the hospital by neighbours before my mum was called to d hospital … the case was reported at the ministry of women affairs at alausa ikeja where he was invited and there promised never to repeat such again…now the height of this happened on d 25th of December he came back home at about 6.30pm and started accusing me of sleeping with his boy (a 16yr old boy…can you imagine?)he didn’t even wait for me to say a word he pounced on me and started beating me up with sticks,machete, bottle,e.t.c he said he was going to kill me and nothing would happen ..he also stabbed the said boy with a machete don’t knw d boy’s where about now”

“…after beating me up for a sin I didn’t commit he locked me up and held me hostage seizing my phone for 2 days..nobody knw wat was happening to me I collapsed honestly I taught I would never survive this..I just kept pleading with him each passing day to pls tk me to the hospital before I die he refused telling me that he wanted to render me useless I jst kept crying until I told him to tk me to a pastor that was when he pushed me into his car n drove me to a place it was there that I pleaded with d prophetess to help me ..the prophetess on seeing my condition then adviced him to take me to d hospital for immediate treatment that was how I was taken to d hospital on getting there I pleaded with d doctor to use her phone to call my sister who in turn informed my mum and they started rushing to the hospital. .at d hospital immediately he sensed that I might have reached my family he started dragging me, removed d drip from my hand I was crying out for help” (And some people say it is not madness.???)

“Immediately my mum entered d hospital he ran away ..at the moment I am in my mums place with my 3 kids. ..2 boys and a 3months old baby girl…d matter was charged to court and he was granted bail of 250,000naira…why I am left to wallow in pains for no offense I committed all because I married a heartless man and was enduring all these because of my kids and the society who kept telling me to forgive that he is my husband and he would change ….look at my life now! how I wish I left this marriage since! Happy new year everyone!”

The picture directly above is Ifeoma. You could google her name to grasp what her husband did to her. Pictures are online to see the make over to this beautiful woman. She could have died!!

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION? Read the last two lines and comment on her whole post.

For those who are not married and are in abusive relationships. You are still waiting to get married to somebody that beats you. Even if it is regular slapping… Please don’t see the way out and run o. Stay ! Stay and enter. Do Bella Naija wedding and prewedding shoot and be joined to a mad man.You do not have children yet,abi?? Stay now. Whether he is your baby daddy or you have carried out series of abortions for him that is why you want to die there…. Maybe that is just what would end up happening.

You are not just MAD.You need Jesus to touch your brain.Just therapy might not solve your case.




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  1. Pribodunke says:

    I feel abusive people should be locked up forever, something definitely has to be wrong with them mentally; really who in his or her right senses would want to beat someone to death, irrespectively of the offence. Even if what he accused her of is true he doesn’t have any right…that is an animalistic behaviour. Have you noticed how male chicken run after the female till they get them and force them? That’s the way I see abusive guys, hey guy… If you want to fight why not look for your fellow mate and let’s see who wind instead of picking up on someone who you know for sure isn’t as powerful(I’m not disputing the fact that some men also experience domestic violence)
    Please if you’re in an abusive marriage or relationship get out NOW even God doesnt want you deformed to spread His gospel

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you,Bolu…. My mum scarred with that male and female chicken analogy… All you have said is true though… Thank you so much for your comment.

      Liked by 2 people

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