Bimidiah’s Warnings : PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS POST IS THE FIRST IN A SERIES DISCUSING THIS TOPIC AND YOU ARE NOT TO JUMP TO ANY CONCLUSIONS BY JUST READING THIS PART. You are however encouraged to comment having this warning in mind. Thank you.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I once wondered to myself if this was the case of some husbands. You see, my bible for example gives an ample degree of authority to the husband and I was even taught in social studies {primary school} that the father is the “Head” of the family and so he is the decision making headquarters of any home. I have no issues with this arrangement as it is necessary for some kind of order to exist in any organization for progress to be made. Hence an authority chain and some hierarchy needs to be present or else it would lead to a maelstrom in most homes. I understand all that. Fine.

It is however alarming that some men have assumed a different type of meaning to the authority as they have made themselves “Supreme deities” in their homes; serving as judge, jury and witness in their one man judiciary and self created criminal justice system. They have become slave masters that whip at the slightest provocation. They have created a caste system with them in the upper echelons, a different citizenry as separate from every other person within the home. This may be perceived as a bit comic, but please do me a favor and humor me to find out where I am heading to with all this.

I was taught a lot while growing up; I learnt that humans were not to physically fight, but were to settle their differences amicably (apparently not everyone was taught this way). It took me a while,but i learnt that putting it to punches was not the way. I was also taught that it was not gentlemanly for a man to hit a lady. 

      For somebody who grew up with two immediate younger brothers and got into serious physical fights with over and over (No kidding . One of them once fainted after I beat him up.), it would be a very convenient and exalted road for me to say that “men and women have equal physical strengths and advantages”. But I am not stupid, I know that is not true (albeit with some exceptions) and if I tried to get into a brawl with either of my brothers (who are far taller than me now), I would just be submitting myself to disgrace. My point is that most women are disadvantaged when it comes into physical exchange with men. Now that I have stated all this, let me go to the crux of this post.

It is my opinion (and quite frankly, you do not have to share it.) that any wife-beating man is MAD! He is desperately lacking in some form of basic mental requirement and nimbleness; a potential killer and is not worthy of the name “husband.”. Nothing,Nothing,Nothing justifies a man beating up a woman and nothing excuses a husband ,who beats up his wife.  She might be a name calling, lying, stealing, cheating, gold digging, demon possessed, deceptive, cunning, violent and havoc wrecking woman. There is no justification for hitting your wife.

              Actually! I forgot to mention THREE very important instances that turning your wife into a punching bag is allowed,I’m so sorry, I SO SO Forgot

The first exception is …

 NOTHING ! , the second is definitely NOTHING and the third and most important of all; the ONLY genuinely true justification (*This is the valid one) (drumroll please…. is ??


 The argument that some men beat up their wives only in defence of themselves is balderdash and absolute poppycock! Defence is self preservation not active, offensive and abusive acts on the other person (that cannot beat you up in a fist fight, all things being equal.) But before some people think this post for men,no it is not…(Their post is on its way.) It is for  Women and here is what I have to say to those wives who are the punching bags of the their husbands,(especially if his beating has put you in  the hospital or caused you to bleed,little or much or made you apply make-up as cover up.) Let me tell you this today . With all due respect, YOU ARE  MAD !!! Although,you are strong o,but excuse me,ma …Like your husband, more importantly,you are mad ! 

And maybe you are not Mad. Just maybe,you are not. Maybe I should take that back…It depends on a lot of factors actually, But You would only find out if you read the next post on this topic. 

Thank you. Drop a comment,below !
P.s…. Remember the warning above.


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  1. Jommy says:

    Hahaha..the “With all due respect, YOU ARE MAD !!! ” part got me. Insightful really. So what’s advice for the women getting beat up? I’m sure you’d address this in your next post. Really insightful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know that was the intended effect. Yes I would be addressing it in the next post on the topic.. Stay tuned. Thank you so much..


  2. Oyekan Oluwaseun Oyebimpe says:

    With due respect I do not agree with you. In your own opinion the woman is mad but I beg to disagree. I am of the opinion that the woman is CRAZY, STUPID and MENTALLY CHALLENGED.

    I mean, it is more than just being mad. Especially when such woman still makes excuse for being beaten or abused physically. Such woman cannot be alright.


    1. Like you read my mind !! I agreee with you… Laughs* It would seem like you got a sneak peep into part 2 here – http://wp.me/p8fcfX-1L and please drop a comment. Thank you so much.


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