I try… Sincerely speaking,I try so hard so so hard to get it, to be fine with the way things are and to see things from the average man’s perspective,but I cannot… I am sorry if this hurts anyone…(but trust me in the depths of my heart. I am unapologetic about this)…I would shed light on why later…

This is a short one for the Women.

 Women, women, women, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseeee…(I am not on my knees,it is not that deep.) .. But please,do all within your power to make sure,you bring something to the table (monetary or maybe mentally that would eventually become monetary…. even if it does not feed your household and it is insufficient to cater for you yourself alone,it is better than doing nothing… Trust me,there is some kind of fulfilment that comes from fulfilling a need somewhere(outside family members)I understand that in some situations,for example due to circumstances of health or a period of nursing or childbearing,one might be prevented from working,but asides that and whatever reasonable, particular and genuine excuse,one may have e.g. schooling… The lack of jobs in the country is no excuse,who said It must be a white collar job?? Please work … No disrespect intended, but today is dedicated to working women and I had no idea anything like this existed before today… I stumbled on it and had to post… So I’m also taking a minute to appreciate women across the world who work (Do not misinterpret the work !!!) and bring to the table far more than pretty faces. No insults intended…Well done… 

To the men,though..I hope your woman crush Wednesday is Working Woman,if she falls into one of the exceptions above… She has sufficient work on her hands..

Ps: This post applies to women generally,single or married, your relationship status should not affect your mental and physical capacity to work… Thank you…


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  1. Jommy says:

    Wow..This is inspiring. Great job

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Do come around as often as you can.


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